Lifejackets, winter and boat safety

  • June 6, 2018

A timely reminder from Botany Bay and Port Hacking Boating Education Officer, Adam Denyer.

Well winter has well and truly arrived, with strong winds and high seas last weekend. During the colder months, if you are out fishing, keep a close eye on the weather and ensure your life jackets are rated to handle the extra layers of clothing you have on in the colder months.

Extra clothing means extra weight once waterlogged, something to take into consideration when choosing a lifejacket. To ensure correct fitting of the lifejacket in the cooler months, always wear your life jacket on the outer layers of clothing. Don’t place jumpers over the top of lifejackets especially the inflatable jackets—this could impede the deploying of the jacket in an emergency.

During the cooler months, it’s the perfect time to service the motor and place the battery on a trickle charge. This will ensure you are good to go at the start of the summer boating season. Remember also fuel does age and can become contaminated. A good fuel filter setup for your motor is always a good choice.

It’s the perfect time to run an eye over the trailer and get the wheel bearings serviced. Given the exposure to saltwater, these little guys are the long forgotten difference between a fun day of boating or sitting on the side of the road wondering what happened to the trailer wheel.

Ensure the safety gear is up to date and lifejackets are served. A link to the Boating Safety checklist can be found here. Be sure to tick and flick the list as you repack the boat.

Remember: you’re the skipper, you’re responsible. If in doubt, don’t go out!