Looking back over 50 years

  • July 30, 2019

July has quite rightly seen a number of newspaper and television articles celebrating the tremendous achievements of NASA and the US in landing people on the moon 50 years ago. Here at WMD Law we have been doing a bit of looking back ourselves because the firm was established over 50 years ago on 1 July 1969 at Engadine and we have been a part of the Sutherland Shire continuously since that time.

Reviewing some facts about life in 1969 highlights some interesting features of Australia at that time. The median house price in Sydney was about $18000 but a modest suburban home could be purchased for much less than that. Petrol sold for 35 cents per gallon or about 9 cents per litre. Milk and bread were still delivered door to door (and in some cases in the suburbs by horse drawn carts). The Australian population was only 12 million. The Concord took its first flight and the Boeing 747 entered commercial service. Overseas travel was still a rarity and largely the preserve of the wealthy. In 1969 there were 5,237 international flights per annum into and out of Australia. A Sydney to London one way fare was $2,300. International flights into and out of Australia today number 250,000 per year and a return flight to Europe can be had for less than the one way fare in 1969.

There were no mobile phones, no home computers, no colour television in Australia and the internet existed only in a primitive version developed by the US military called Arpanet. Air conditioning was confined to shopping centres and cinemas-it wasn’t a feature in ordinary homes and cars.

Chain restaurants such as McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and the like didn’t exist in Australia. Nor did Saturday afternoon and Sunday trading. If you planned to have a BBQ on Sunday and didn’t buy your meat and your beer and wine before midday on Saturday then you were out of luck. All things considered the standard of living most of us enjoy today is markedly better than it was 50 years ago.

Although Sutherland Shire has been our home since 1969 we now have full time law offices in Bega and Merimbula on the far South Coast, at Pennant Hills in the City’s North West, at Campbelltown in the South West of Sydney, in Clarence Street in the heart of the Sydney CBD as well as our head office here at Sutherland.

We’d like to take this opportunity on this important Anniversary to thank those who have supported us over the last 50 years and to assure them of our continued commitment to the protection and furtherance of their wellbeing. We look forward to what the next 50 years may bring.

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