JobKeeper & JobSeeker, what you need to know

  • April 2, 2020

In recent weeks, the Australian Government has rolled out a number of stimulus measures to provide some level of relief to businesses in order to keep them afloat and workers employed.

Maher Partners, our Club auditors, have put together a fantastic resource that summarises the stimulus measures for coronavirus impact and what it means for business investments, employers, compliance and individuals, along with a comprehensive guide to the JobKeeper & JobSeeker payments. You can view these here:

Stimulus Measures for Coronavirus Impact

JobKeeper Payment

JobSeeker Payment

Maher Partners is an integrated financial services firm located in Taren Point, specialising in accounting, auditing and business advisory services for individuals and businesses. If you need assistance during these uncertain times or would like to know more about which measures can best benefit you or your business, they happily welcome your call.