The COVID-19 Stimulus & Support Measures, Maher Partners

  • April 14, 2020

With the JobKeeper package legislation passing through Parliament last night, Maher Partners have compiled a comprehensive guide encompassing all of the COVID-19 related tax and financial support measures that have been introduced to date, what you can access and how.

It is important to remember that the measures will apply differently to each individual’s circumstances, so please do not act on the basis of this guide alone, but speak with your Maher Group client manager or accountant to understand how your specific circumstances are impacted.

Maher Partners will help you as much as they can to ensure that you have the right information and can make informed decisions.


For more information or questions relating to the stimulus measures available, contact Maher Partners by calling (02) 8522 4500, emailing or following the team on Facebook @maherpartners.