Completed Events 2004
Broadwater Classic
Wednesday December 29

Due to the unfavourable forecast the race had to be abandoned.  
However, the BBQ and social event took place at the Broadwater Yacht Club for the hard core of Trims.
Boxing Day
Sunday December 26

Good afternoon Master great day was had by all.
Boats attending Splinter, Waitangi II, Sail la via, Felicity and Reflections, and inshore L'attitude.
Went wide awaiting their front runners and then they come in close, so back in and got amongst them.
What a sight, that my first time amongst the fleet, only seen it from a far as have always done the family thing.
I think the family can come with us next time.
Cheers, Kevin Swadling (Photos courtesy of Splinter)

Boxing Boxing Boxing Boxing Boxing Boxing Boxing Boxing
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Overnight Stay at Audley
Friday-Monday November 12-15, 2004

This weekend we ventured upriver to Audley.
Three yachts arrived on the high tide on Friday, and after lunch did the Honey moon walk to the Park office in Farnell Street. This included Susie (Emmanuel) who climbed the 662 steps up and down and then down again.  

Audey  Audley
The group that scaled the 662 steps on the Honey moon walk

Imogen arrived on the low tide on Friday. Dinner was had on the BBQ's at Reid Flat.  

AUdley  Audley  AUdley

Four more Yachts arrived on Saturday (total of Eight at this point).

However, this coincided with the big winds and initially anchors and chains were run to the opposite back to hold the rafts.
Unfortunately, the police arrived soon after and although they managed to pass over our chains, they couldn't get back as the gusts brought the chains to the surface.
Consequently most of the afternoon was spent relocating the boats to Pool flat.
Audley  AUdley  AUdley

At 5pm we transferred to the pavilion at Willow Tree Flats and got the wood fired BBQ's going while we per took of nibbles and drinks.

A great cook up was had by all and a contest was had to establish the most competent crews to receive the hand towel trophies for first second and third.
It sort of went as follows:
Starting points 100 each Prize for 1, 2 and 3 Embodied hand towels from the park shop (very nice)
Emmanuel Failed to show flag whilst approaching the Master
To Susie for climbing the 662 steps
To Suzie for offering to lead the Congo line home
Jon not offering to clean others props whilst in the water clearing a rope
Jon for towing the flotilla to the landing point for dinner
Susie for letting the park know she had a cat on board
To Jon for providing a torch to see our way home
Second Wind For providing a steam driven fleet tender
Failed to fly the Trim flag in the approved position
Provided torch to see on the way home
Sail la Vie Responsible for catching the police boat on his anchor chain
For flying the Trim flag upside down (serious crime)
Something to do with the Compass Carrels also at the park Bribing the Master
Not listening whilst the Master was talking
For being entertaining
Providing a torch to see our way home
Kalina Always on time
Good story
Something about a phone
Brought a torch
Something about VHF
Splinter Tried to chat police
Failed to convince them we knew what we were doing
Something about a dingy
Lost his dingy
Lost his Cushions
Tied up to others - Considered to be a parasite

First Sail la Vie
Equal second Kalina and Emmanuel
Others nice try (except splinter)
Splinter Appalling

Audley  Audley  Audley
The boats at daybreak on Sunday morning.

Breakfast from 8:30 onwards cooked on the hot plates at the main pavilion.  
The first group left on the morning tide.
The remainder which included L'attitude, Emmanuel, Sea Change, Sail la Vie and Imogen did the Lady Carrington walk to Jersey Springs.  

AUdley  AUdley  AUdley

A raft-up at 5:00pm seemed to be the right thing to do on Sunday night.

So again into the nibbles, drinks and a good laugh followed by dinner on the BBQ's on the back of the yachts.      

On Monday morning we played OBUT (Boule) up and down the picnic grounds until somebody said the tide was falling and it all came to a sad end..................   ...............but it was a great weekend and a special place to visit.      

Boats participating.
[L'attitude John and Margaret Barter Friday - Monday] [Kalina Ken and Libby Teiffel Friday - Sunday] [Sea Change Ian and Rhonda Colman Saturday -and Rhonda Colman Saturday - Monday] [Splinter Kevin and Daniel Swadling Saturday - Sunday] [Imogen Angus and Marianne Gibson Friday - Monday] [Emmanuel Jon and Susie Bown Friday to Monday] [Sail la Vie Keith  and Lyn  and Lyn Wilsonn Friday(maybe) to(maybe) to Monday] [Second Wind Don and Elizabeth Parker Saturday - Sunday] [Taronga Ken and Susan Travers Saturday - Sunday] [Wanda Sven and Nita Suivi Land Yacht] [Kalida David and Alison Harper Land  Yacht] [Bosonover Gabriel Kayak] [First Light Kevin and Jeni Everitt Land Yacht]

Cruising Meeting
Thursday - November 4, 2004

Subject: Clever cruising hints that work for you.

A well attended meeting of about 40 trims.
We went a fair way to completing the chapter on hints.
However, some more feedback to tidy up this session and at least one more meeting to complete the exercise is required.

Cruising hints (Best tips list)
Anchors and Winches:
  1. Do you have a swivel at the anchor? Anchors usually have a long slot so a shackle can pass through. This can often cause the swivel to slide and jam at 90 degrees. This can be fixed by welding a washer either side or filling the slot with epoxy.
  2. Does your anchor always retrieve in the right direction? By moving slightly astern after the anchor has left the bottom you will clean the anchor and orientate it for stowing. Anchors without swivels may come up correctly if suitable rollers are used that prevent twisting.
  3. Does your anchor transmit noise and snap your bow through the night? This is easily fixed by carrying a 1-2 metre nylon line to place between the chain and the bow of the boat.
  4. Does your anchor lie on the bottom correctly? By moving slowly in reverse while dropping the anchor ensures; that the anchor hits the bottom the right way up; that the chain is laid out clear of the anchor; and that the anchor is more likely to hold first time.
  5. How do retrieve from Harbour floors etc? There are many commercial Harbours or anchorages with debris on the bottom-in these circumstances drop the anchor with a retrieval line and float.
  6. Chain is purchased in 66m lengths. All is required when cruising only half is needed when racing. Split the chain at 33m and join with a split link. When not cruising leave half the chain at home. (Tony Galwey)
  7. Galvanising Anchors. Make sure that the lead is melted out before galvanising. After the galvanising the saved lead needs to be poured back into place. (Tony Galwey)
  8. How much chain is out? Mark the chain in 5 metre lengths. Cable ties will be damaged by the gypsy, cord ties will promote rust. There is a plastic product that clips into the link which can freely move around the gypsy. They are also coloured to identify 5, 10, 15, 20 metres etc. (Graham Bach)
  9. How do you avoid the anchor being dragged when lines are crossed? You’re stern into a dock with a bow anchor into the harbour. Your neighbour has crossed his anchor with yours and wants to leave. Start you motor and power forward allowing your two stern lines to hold you in place. Then let all your chain out so that the neighbours anchor takes your slack chain to his bow where it can be released. Retighten your chain. Your anchor hasn’t moved and your mooring is now restored. (Jon Bown)
  10. How much chain to let out? X3 high tide (Ian Colman)
  11. Are your bearings being lubricated? It is possible for the top bearing to run dry of grease or to become fouled by salt.
  12. It is a good idea to regularly remove the winch wash salt off and run inverted to ensure grease penetrates the top bearing. (Gordon Stewart)
  13. How do you improve the lifting power of chain winches? If a battery can be positioned at the winch – this will dramatically increase the available lifting power. This was found necessary in the Solomon Islands where they have 300 metre depths. (Ken Travers)
  14. How do you know the winch is working normally? Monitor the current via an instrument that uses a shunt. Increasing in operation current can warn of impending problems.
PS have just read the Cruising Hints just sent out - believe I can help with several aspects and also correct some items that are erroneous (eg anchor warp length to allow for lunch stop, overnight stop, and storm conditions) all from previous sailing club (CCYA) and from magazine 'Cruising Helmsman' will look forward to contribute at next meeting - or by email if I can find some time. Keith Wilson

Mast Climbing
  1. How do you climb a mast single handed? More info required (Kevin Everitt)
  1. How do you reef down wind? More info required (Tony Galwey)
Dealing with insects
  1. How to cope with insects? If you have a small inverter, try purchasing an electronic mosquito and sand fly repellent and plug into your 240VAC power point. (Kev Everitt).
  2. Bunning’s have a battery powered insect repellent more info required (Susie Bown).
  3. Insect screening TBA?
How do you hold sheets on a bunk? Tiring a knot in the corners of sheets will prevent them from moving in the night. (Jeni Everitt)

Anchor Lights
Are you concerned about the battery drain overnight?
  1. At your local nursery or hardware store you can but garden lights that are powered by solar energy. These can be permanently fixed and charge during the day and com on and turn off at last and first light. Be careful that the light they emit is adequate for the job.
  2. Alternatively carry a kerosene lamp.
  3. Use an auto switch for your anchor light?
Visibility at the Helm
Do you or you partner have difficulty seeing over the dodger?
A flat (Thong type) buffer makes an excellent runt box to provide that extra elevation.
It doesn’t slip on the floor and is comfortable to stand on.

Galley Tips
How do you make a hot drink or soup? Boiling water on a gimballed stove is easy, so to pour the hot water try; placing a large pot on the gimballed stove with your cup in the pot. The cup will remain level and any spills will be caught by the bowl – too easy.

What to prepare for rough weather? Shui Min etc (Jeni Everitt)

How do you maintain a supply of fresh bread?
Easy using lakie?? 600g bread mix;
Add the yeast contents to 375mL of tepid water (or potato water) and mix well.
Honey or other flavours could be added if required.
Empty the contents of the flour mix into a bowl and add the water and mix until a doughy mix is produced.
Now place some flour on your bench top and on hands (to stop sticking) and hand need until smooth.
Then place back in the cleaned bowl and cover with a towel.
Place in a warm position until the contents has doubled.
Nock down and need again and place in a bread dish (100x100x250) that has been greased with olive oil.
Cover the dish and let stand until contents has doubled again.
Warm the oven to about 160 degrees Celsius and place the bread dish in the oven.
Ensure even heat by rotating the dishes.
Bake till crust rings hollow – about 40 minutes. (John Barter)

How to? Storage – Cups, glasses, pots, pans, plates etc TBA

How to? Collect water TBA

How to improve ventilation in a fridge/freezer? More info required (Kevin Everitt)

How to stop items moving? Ice cream buckets in lockers. TBA

Purchasing volumes – waste space TBA

Use of wine bladders TBA

Rubbish – bottles TBA

Meat   cryovac/freezing/salting TBA

Milk TBA

Starting a engine with flat batteries
If the starting battery won't turn the engine fast enough to start or won't quite turn it over compression and it is not fitted with a decompression lever here is a method that can work.
Remove the tappet cover and using cutlery knives from the galley carefully tap the sharp side of the blade in between the rocker arm and the valve stem of each exhaust valve.
This will hold the valve open and decompress the cylinder.
Ideally the pistons should be on top dead centre on compression stroke.
If the battery is not too run down it should now spin the engine at a reasonable speed.
With the engine spinning the knives need to be pulled from between the valve and rocker arm in one move.
This is much easier with two or more people and may not be possible with one person on a 4 cylinder engine but if only one knife is removed at a time it still may be enough to start the engine. (Ian Hicks)

Power handling
A shunt in the negative line to the batteries is essential for many reasons. Current consumption of major items like anchor winches can be monitored to detect potential problems. Knowing amp/hours consumed and replaced is the best way to monitor battery charge. (Graham Bach)

How do you recharge? What type of batteries and what are the capacities required. TBA

Motor with smart regulator TBA

Solar panels TBA

Wind Vane TBA

Water Vane TBA

DC generator TBA

AC alternator TBA

Siphon breaks on toilets TBA
Extra-Fuel, water etc TBA
Air bottle and hose only for cleaning, clearing anchors, snorkelling TBA
Coming into pontoons/Jetties TBA

Calling Cards Latitude Card
How to remember contacts?
Cruisers are always meeting up with people, so it’s a good idea to make a calling card.
The calling card can have a lot of useful information both for the new contact and also for you.
Suggested detail could include;·
  1. A picture of the boat
  2. The boats name
  3. Your names
  4. Phone numbers
  5. Home address
  6. Call sign
  7. Email addresses
  8. Home Port
  9. Sealed to be waterproof
  10. Sail Number (other identification)
  11. Other personal information as required

October Long Weekend
Sunday 3rd October

This was a combined social race Port Hacking Cruising Group and boats from Cronulla Sailing Club in the estuary with the first boat starting at 1pm.

The cruising group met for a picnic lunch in Salmon Haul.
During the raft up, Dennis McClarren set the course and starting times.

The race was run in ideal conditions with smooth sea and a 10-12 knot easterly breeze.

Afterwards we returned to Cronulla club for the presentations.  

The placing for P.H.C.G. were;
1st - Pied Piper, 2nd Havasu and third ?

1 Dimanic - Bruce McKay
2 L'attitude - John Barter
3 Splinter - Kevin Swadling
4 Wanda - Sven Suivi
5 Havisu - Ryan Everitt
6 First Light - Kevin Everitt
7 Pied Piper - Tony Towndrow
8 Summer Salt - John Davis
9 Gazelle - Michael Wolf
10 Short Shipped - Matt Short and Family
11 Pendragon - Ian and Rosalie Hicks
12 Spellbound - Kevin Farrell

Cronulla 5 boats
Estury Classic
Pied Piper the winner
Estuary Classic
Spellbound on down wind leg
Estuary Classic
 Gazelle crew relaxing

Cruising Meeting
Tuesday -  September 28, 2004
The tales of the Griffin
Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon
A very relaxed Gordon. A rose between two thorns The audience of nearly 40 people enjoying the travels of the Griffin

The long awaited and many false starts by Toni and Gordon was well worth the waiting.
Gordon took us on a voyage back to the Whitsunday's and back home again with a very professional presentation that will set new standards for the future. "   

Following Gordon's presentation we showed some more photos of the very successful Wattamolla Day.
Wattamolla Cruise Race and Picnic
Sunday August 22, 2004

We made it to Wattamolla and back.  
Wattamola  Wattamola  Wattamola 
 The intrepid fleet making its way in  View of beach from Boy Martin walk  Don Parker never stopped rowing
Wattamola  Wattamola  Wattamola 
 The fleet of 13 yachts  The sailors on the shore  More cruisers enjoying the beach
Wattamola  Wattamola  Wattamola 
 The explorers returning  Matt spinning a yarn  The fleet from Boy Martin walk

What a perfect day;
Sydney Coastal Waters, Broken Bay to Port Hacking and 60nm seawards (Sunday 22nd August):
Sunday until midnight: Wind: W/NW 10/15 knots inshore, 15/20 knots offshore ahead of a S/SW change 15/25 knots late evening.  
After a last minute handout, which I could have thrown away, the fleet took off in ideal conditions into the flattest seas you could imagine with a W/NW breeze of 10 knots.
It was a reach all the way down and a 3/4 run all the way back as the wind moved to the W/SW for the return journey.

L'attitude managed to carry a Gennaker down and back - it can't get better than that?  
So we all returned to the magic spot that our mascot and his friends saw all those years ago.
To me it felt a little bit like a pilgrimage - one that we should make at least once a year.  
I think we can call the day a great success and let Matt sum it up for me......  

John, Twas a great day. thanks for organising, esp liked the party balloons on the way in.
Turned out to be a party, not much exploring. maybe next time.
Thanks again, a job well done. Matt Barlow  

We initially had 14 starters but Marritti and Pendragon withdrew at the last moment, and Psycho seeing the activity joined us at Wattamolla.
The fleet and crews were as follows;
L'attitude - John and Marg Barter, Angus and Marianne Gibson, Ken and Libby Teiffel, Greg Paula and 2 week old daughter Elizabeth Havasu - Ryan Everitt down and Ryan and Greg Barter on the way back (with spinnaker)
Lotus -  Peter, Wendy and Daniel Coupe
Story Teller - Micheal and Elaine Carolin
First Light - Kevin and Jeni Everitt Mark and Yolanda Gamble and Doug Curtis
Sail la Vie - Keith Wilson, Dave and Liz Perry and cast of thousands
Sea Change - Ian and Rhonda Colman, Colin Swadling (Rhonda's brother) and Gavin Colman (Ian's son)
Waitangi II - Ian Davis, Scott and Kim Toolin
Morning Mist - Paul and Cheryl Melling
Second Wind - Don and Elizabeth Parker and others
Splinter - Kevin and Daniel Swadling, Matt Barlow, Tanya Stas and Anthony
Wanda - Sven and Company
Psycho - Phil Bates - guest appearance Please email me with your missing crew so I can update the list - Can anyone send me a copy of the group shot to include here?  
Standby there maybe more to come
Cruising Meeting
Tuesday - August 3, 2004

Don        Don 
Don gave an excellent presentation on his experiences off New Zealand.
Don showed videos of his rescue in wild seas off the coast of New Zealand.
Some of the footage came from the helicopter, some from the nightly news plus his own footage recovered from his stricken yacht.
Many thanks - Don.
Broadwater Classic
Sunday July 11, 2004

Sailed in light drizzle and failing breeze but not spirits. We had a good fleet of 10 yachts and a popular win by Ryan Everitt in Havisu. Kahoona came in second followed by Kalina. The start times looked good with the first three positions filled by the smallest, the middle to the largest yachts. Diminic in full flight Kahoona a first time entrant Sail la vie A slow finish for Havisu as Sea change looks on. Peter Coupe's Lotus The crowd at the BBQ under hastily raised shelter
Cruising Meeting
Tuesday - July 6, 2004

Sea Change - Ian and Rhonda Colman gave their presentation complete with photos and good humour.
Unfortunately we had a technical hitch between Gordon's CD and my old laptop so their presentation has been deferred once again .
Ian's presentation was followed by an impromptu presentation from the floor of the last cruising experience of each speaker which proved to be very entertaining.
Ideas were called for on water activities.
Whale watching may be over by the time we get going so I will nominate a day and subject to weather we will congregate near Jibbon around 10:30 for instructions to a picnic destination.
The options will be Wattamolla, Boat harbour, Botany Bay or up river depending on the forecast.
Once again the meeting was followed by a large gathering for dinner.
Queens Birthday Long Weekend
June 12-14, 2004
What a perfect weekend to test the 'Hello Trim' call.
I'm sure there will be Trims waiting till the last minute for a weather report. Your Master included.
Our plan will be to overnight somewhere on the port - we will make "Hello Trim' calls and be listening for others.
Kalina (Ken and Libby) will be over nighting in Botany Bay with the Compass 29 group.
For more information on the cruising call system look under the cruising contact tab on the cruising web site;
The cruising site is also accessible from the RMYC Sailing front page
To register you intention of being on the water on the long weekend email;

Current list of boats planning to be on the water
L'attitude                 John and Margaret         0418 253479
First Light                Kevin and Jeni                0408793003
Kalina                      Ken and Libby                 0419441201
Possible Dream    Greg and Paula                0409773582
Imogen                    Angus and Marianne       0427049792
Splinter                   Kevin, Maree and Dan    0429904523
Story Teller             Michael and Elaine

"Splinter" will be out on the water on Monday 14th. Would like to locate and enjoy a few whales  if weather permitting, otherwise Jibbon or Southwest Would love to meet other Trims'

Story Teller
Thought you might like to put our intentions on the web, Story Teller is intending to be on and off the water all weekend but in particular we will be looking for whales on Sunday 13th off the coast at Port Hacking. I know that the more boats out there the more ground we can cover and hence the greater chance of getting to see them. So the more the merrier. We'll be leaving the port about 10.30-11.00 .
Broadwater Classic Sunday - May 30, 2004

It's come and gone again.
A great day even though the wind was light which resulted in a shortened course.
John W has put up a movie of the event that can be accessed from the RMYC Sailing page or  for broadband users
For modem users
Cruising Meeting
Tuesday - May 25, 2004
 cruis1 cruis2 cruis3

The meeting started at 7:00pm in the auditorium and ran for about an hour.
John and Suzie from Emmanuel gave us Part III of their world trip taking us from the Canary Islands back to Sydney.
Once again we were thoroughly entertained with their exploits.
However, some of us were left with our heads spinning with the speed of the return journey.
Many thanks to Jon and Susie for a superb effort.
Cruising Meeting
Tuesday - April 27, 2004
 jon1 jon2 jon3
Jon and Suzie from Emmanuel gave us part II of their world cruise at this meeting.
Jon dressed in traditional Amman garb and once again he and Suzie completely entertained an audience of nearly 40 people.
This time we moved from Israel back and forward through the Mediterranean and on to the Canary Islands.
Anzac Day Broadwater Classic
Sunday - April 24, 2004

This is a special day and we will be thinking of the men and Women of Gallipoli - so they came along.
A perfect day (as it always is) up on the Broadwater.
anzac1 anzac2 anzac3 anzac4 anzac5 anzac6 anzac7 anzac8

Click thumbnails to enlarge

Some 12 boats competed in the Classic with a close finish.
However, the day was won by Second wind.
The fleet Anzac day 2004 - and the steam driven tender lower right.
The picnic lunch and presentation which consists of a re-distribution of red wine.
The two up school had a slow start when we used money due to lack of change and rising debts,
However, when the currency change to five nails each, it was a great success.
Three Clubs Race
Easter 2004

RMYC Toronto, now locally known as "Yachties" is running a race over Easter and depending on its success each Easter after that.
Yachts and motor boats are all welcome.
A spin off from the Three Peaks style of race, an independent winery is signing up as sponsor.
Yachts will sail in several divisions with and without spinnakers and motor cruisers will be doing a timed event, all classes will have to show navigation and seamanship skills which will be assessed as much as speed in racing.
Three major licensed clubs on the waterfront at Lake Macquarie are involved and vessels will need to stop at each club and purchase a bottle of the sponsor's product.
However, there is a 200m exclusion zone around each wharf.
Thinking outside the square is encouraged.
The race will be held on Easter Sunday.
On Easter Saturday race yachts are welcome to race in the Yachties Saturday races and cruisers will do a cruise in company around the lake to familiarise themselves with the lake and local clubs.
Yachties will have entertainment, lots of refreshment, welcome dinner, "blind tastings" and room for visiting boats to tie up around the wharf or on club moorings or anchor in the bay.
A ferry service will operate around moored and anchored boats.
Lake Macquarie is now very much a haven for yachts travelling up and down the coast with the entry channel recently scoured of over 120,000 cubic meters of sand.
Official notice of race will be out in a few weeks.
Tom Nelson Race Committee  Apart from Tyrrell's Wines, we have two other liquor wholesalers and possibly a brewery coming on board so it should be e "refreshing" Easter.
Kind regardsTom Nelson is the club website. Partly under construction but the notice of race is on there as well.

David and Alison Harper are planing to cruise to Pittwater in Kalida over Easter.
They would welcome other cruisers to sail with them or rendezvous with them. email: Mobile: 0408642992 Home: 95448443  

  John and Margaret Barter and Ken and Libby Teiffel are planing to sail in L'attitude to Lake Macquarie and participate in the three clubs race over Easter.
We will be leaving the Port on Thursday for the CYC where we will met the girls.
The plan is then to leave the harbour to arrive before the 4pm bridge at Swansea on Friday.
We will participate in the three clubs regatta on Saturday and Sunday and cruise the lake Monday and Tuesday.
On our return we will stop off at Broken Bay and return to the Port around Wednesday night. Email: Mobile: 0418 253 479  

  Peter Coupe will enter "Lotus" into the 3 Clubs Race to Lake Macquarie and RMYC Toronto over the Easter long weekend.
Not having ever raced the old girl, how do I manage to do this?
Definitely in this for the cruise and to re-acquaint myself with Toronto, where I used to live as a boy and learnt to sail.
We are not going to win any races, but should be a bit of fun. I have a crew of at least 4. Peter Coupe e-*:  9491 6955  Mob:    0409 080 133  

First Light
  Kevin and Jeni Everitt will be cruising north to Lake Macquarie over Easter.
This will be an all stations cruise in true cruising style. e-*: 9524 9400  Mob: 0408 793 003  

Chatoillle Moi
Craig Warren will be cruising to Lake Macquarie over Easter in his Jeanneau 40 Ds. e-*: (: 0417-248884. Bus Ph - 8724-1111

Doug and Irene Curtis will be cruising to Lake Macquarie over Easter from Port Stevens via Newcastle. e-*: (: 0409 128 438  
Cruising Meeting
Tuesday - March 23, 2004
 jon1 jon2 jon3
John and Susie took us from Australia to Israel.
As you can see by the audience it was a very entertaining evening   Right click on above and left click play To be continued

Broadwater Classic
March 14th, 2004 (Sunday)
The Broadwater Classic has was sailed on Sunday 14th.
We had a good rollup and ideal conditions with a light Easterly and flat sea.
The BBQ social event went off well and everybody appeared to enjoy themselves.

b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 b6 b7 b8 b9 b10 b11 b12 b13 b14 b15 b16 b17
Click thumbnails to enlarge

The Fleet of eleven boats
The Presentation First went to L'attitude, Second to Splinter and Third to (wasn't present to collect)
Cruising Meeting
Tuesday - February 24, 2004
The new format worked well with an attendance of 36 cruisers, however, we will have to improve the sound as it is difficult to hear the speakers. The next Broadwater classic will be started 5 minutes after the Cronulla upriver event. We now have a supplier to produce the Trim flags for around $12.00. I will slot in a picnic cruise before we lose the warm weather. The speakers at this meeting were Brenda Lewis who gave an account of Sunchaser's cruise to Tasmania, followed by Kevin Everitt who talked about First Light's trip north to the Whitsunday group last year. Unfortunately the time didn't allow the other speakers to give their presentations, so they will be given at a latter date.   John and Suzie from Emmanuel will be making a presentation at the next meeting.
 Australia Day Broadwater
Classic January 26 Monday
The race was called off because of high winds, and the prospect of them becoming stronger.
Never the less, we had a good roll-up and roughly 50 people enjoyed the Australia Day celebrations.
The race was conducted on the table with the assistance of the game "wind shifts".

a1  a2
Before the first start three skippers were forced to do 720 turns as a result of infringements.
 It was a hard race which delayed the cooking for over an hour.  

Some of the fare.
a   a
Ryan cooked a chicken pie complete with map of Australia
 a a a
There was roast lamb, roast beef, plenty of roast potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potato and much more.
 a a a
We had damper, bread and of coarse pavlova and lamingtons for sweets.      
 Part of the 50 enjoying a chat and liquid refreshments.
Port Hacking to Sydney - Harbour - Pittwater - Port Stevens
December 2003
The following is the Xmas Cruising plan for She's the One.
Date Day Place Time @ the Boat 26/12/03 1 Port Hacking to Pittwater. 9.00 am 27/12/03 2 Pittwater to Newcastle Harbour.
Stay over (Pittwater) 28/12/03 3 Newcastle to Port Stephens.
Stay over (Newcastle) Late January Cruising Program for She's the One.
Date Day Place Time @ the Boat 25/01/04 1 Port Stephens to Pittwater. 6.00 am 26/01/04 2 Pittwater to Port Hacking.
Stay over.
We will be staying at the Anchorage Port Stephens from the 28th December till the 25th January if anybody wants to call in we are staying in berth #73, our mobile number is 0412 203034.

The following are the Christmas plans for Emphasis, Storey Teller and Sail la Vie Emphasis,
Storey Teller and Sail La Vie are planning on leaving on the 28th Dec 2003 for Port Jackson.
We will be staying at the C.Y.C.A  On the 28th, 29th, and 30th with Harbour excursions.
Then: weather permitting we are planning a raft-up for the New Year Celebrations with at least one other yacht from The Gosford Yacht Club.
The following day1st Jan 2004 we will rest before heading up to Broken Bay on the 2nd Jan 2003 to cruise Cowan Creek etc linking up with Liz's' Brother who has turned a 27' tug into a Party Boat.
He may also be able to help with moorings.Michael and Elaine will be heading back to Port Hacking on Storey Teller to prepare for their assault on The Batemans Bay Regatta.
All of the above is subject to change and is very flexible.Dave Perry To all RMYC-Port Hacking Cruisers from Sail la Vie Not all are going to Batemans Bay. 
Some of us are going to Port Jackson - Sydney Harbour - on  28tth December. 
We will stay at CYC Marina in Rushcutters Bay - bookings essential - for nights  of 28, 29, 30. 
Likely to have day trips out and around Harbour.On New Year's Eve afternoon, we will move to a vantage point to party and watch the fireworks. 
Depending on wind direction, likely spots will be Athol Bay (below Taronga Zoo) if wind has north in ti, or Elizabeth Bay (off Seven Shillings Beach) if wind from south.
If wind not too strong, we will raft up a few boats for the partying.   
On  the 1st day of 2004, we plan then to sail for Pittwater. 
First night is likely to be at Coasters Retreat (aka The Basin), or maybe down to RPA?. 
After that we plan to explore Cowan Creek. 
Good anchorages, good fishing and swimming, and no mobile phone coverage. 
Possibly stay in Cowan Creek for about a week, looking at the many beautiful bays there, with maybe a diversion to Brisbane Waters near Gosford if the assembled crews feel like it.   
The return trip possibly start about 7th or 8th January, with possible stay-over just inside Sydney Heads - Quarantine or Store Beach, or maybe over to Middle Harbour - and possibly Botany Bay also. 
All will depend on weather for starts and progress. 

Cruising plans for Kalida I'm planning to sail from Botany Bay to Sydney CYC staying there from the 28th to the 1st Jan and then perhaps go to Pittwater for a few days and then back to B/Bay.
I'm moored just off the St.George motor boat club.
My boat is called Kalida and is a 41 ft Formosa ketch. We go sailing most weekends and it's always nice to meet up with people with the same interests.

Bateman's Bay to Port Hacking
January 2004 Kahoona
The crew will be sailing Kahoona back to Port Hacking as soon as conditions permit after January 8, 2004  

Splinter "Splinter" will be cruising back from the Batemans Bay Regatta. 
The Initial intentions are as follows. ex Batemans Bay to Ulladulla
Sunday 11th Jan Ulladulla to Jervis Bay
Monday 12 th Jan. Would like to spend 3 - 4 Days in Jervis Bay.
Jervis Bay to Wollongong                  
Friday/Sat 16/17th Jan Wollongong to Pt Hacking 

Sunday 18th Jan
We will be cruising light.  At this stage Daniel and Myself will be bring the yacht back.
If anybody would like to join us, they will be welcome.
Our intentions are to enjoy the fishing, swimming and snorkelling around Jervis Bay.
Also, there are about 6 - 8 mooring been laid around the Bay.
I understand they are at Huskison, Calala Bay, Honeymoon Bay, Vincentia.
First Light returns to the Port
January 7 2004.
First Light is back from the Whitsunday Islands.
L'attitude has return from a week on the harbour from new years eve to 5th January.