Completed Events 2007
Christmas Event Audley Overnight
December 22nd and 23rd, 2007
This year was a quite one due to the closeness of Christmas
L'attitude arrived on the high tide Saturday morning. High 7:10am 1,8 metres. (A 1.8 metre draft should be able to get up as late as 10:00am)
We then did a walk meeting Ken and Libby on the way back.
Ian and Rhonda joined us on the boat for lunch and drinks.
Around 5pm we walked to Willow tree flats for a BBQ dinner (in style).
We were joined by Angus and Marianne, Dot and David.
While the fire was settling for cooking we ran a bouclé competition until the crows stole our jack?
Breakfast on board
Return home on the tide Sunday morning. High tide 8:00am 1.86 metres. (1,8 metre draft should get out as late as 10:45)
Boats Attending; L'attitude John and Margaret Barter (We had a good time - we had the park to ourselves).
Land Yachts attending; Kalina Ken and Libby Teiffel, Sweet Talker Kevin and Jeni Everitt, SV Golf Angus and Marianne Gibson, SV Prado David and Dot Hammond, Sea Change Ian and Rhonda Colman,
October Long Weekend Broadwater Classic?
Sunday of October long weekend - 2007
Another good day on the water. The race was held in near perfect conditions and the picnic in an idyllic location.
Click the following picture for a slideshow;

Yachts Name Class Skipper and Crew Place
Morning Mist Beneteau 39 Paul Melling 1
Sirocco Peterson 30 John and Ro Weidemier 2
L’attitude Dehler 41 DS John and Margaret Barter 3
Second Wind Cole 35 Don and Elizabeth Parker 4
Sea Gypsy Beneteau 440 Bruce and Sue Munro 5
Commin Thru   Craig Smith 6
Carpe Diem Northshore 34 Roger and Janice Phair 7
Your Comments please;
John, Many thanks for another great day on the water yesterday.
I have put up a dozen or so photos of the picnic and Stuart's model yacht.
They can be accessed at...
Regards, John W

Hi John, I am so sorry I missed yesterday. This punter to buy Splinter was so keen on Saturday, so I did the right thing and set her up.
So end of the day, he didn't even turn up. I am so pissed off..
I am so glad it was so successful, have spoken to Susie and she had a great day.
Many thanks, cheers, Kevin

Master, thanks once again for organising the race and picnic on Sunday of the long weekend.
The actual race, whilst always exiting, is a great excuse to have a get together after.
We appreciate the opportunity mixing with a nice group of people and partaking of the winners spoils.
Look forward to the next event.
Regards, Sue and Bruce SEA GYPSY

Boats Attending; L'attitude John And Margaret, Sea Gipsy Sue and Bruce Munro, Morning Mist Paul and Cheryl Melling, Second Wind Don and Elizabeth Parker, Sirocco John and Ro Weidemier, Commin Thru Craig and Mary Smith, Liz Shelle Bob Barry, Carpe Diem Roger and Janice Phair.
Wildflower exploration to Muddy Creek
Sunday September 16, 2007 - 1100hrs
We meet at the boat ramp at Gray's Point around 1000hrs and headed out at 1100 according to plan.
Muddy creek is directly opposite the ramp and picnic area at Gray's Point.
The flowers were not as prolific as in our last excursion.
However the following pictures will shows some of what we saw.

Due to falling tide we had to leave before we were really ready.
However, It did allow us to have coffee and cakes back at Gray's point while the boats were deflated and stored away.
Last time some had lace table cloths cut glass wine glasses and candelabras - that's the kind of style we encourage.

Your comments (worth much more than mine)

Well Master, what can we mortals say or do, you have done it again. GREAT weather, GREAT venue, and a wonderful day.
Could I say I loved to have lunch in the pristine environment and the lovely crystal clear waterfall flowing beside us.
I hadn't seen wild Waratahs for so many years, Just wonderful ! Looking forward to our next function.
Also, great to meet our new friends "Mahalo" Kent and Julie cheers, "Splinter"

John and Crew, Just a quick note to let you know that Julie and I enjoyed the wild flower expedition.
Great location, good company and excellent weather.
What more could we ask for! Will stay tuned to the website for details of the next event. Fair Winds KENT and JULIE 'MAHALO'

John and Margaret, Thanks for another great day on the water we both had a fantastic time.
I have put the photos up on my Flickr WebPages and they can be viewed at
Thanks again, John and Ro.

Hi John, Another magic expedition and I firmly believe you have an influence with a higher power to provide the weather and the venue.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with great company in the beautiful National Park.
I reckon we are on a winner here with these expeditions.
I certainly had a very happy birthday out of it! Some shots attached. Cheers, Rhumb Liners

Boats Represented (10); Chinook Peter and Leslie Rochaix, Mahalo Kent and Julie Roberts, L'attitude John and Margaret Barter, Splinter Kevin and Susie Bown, Kalina Ken and Libby Teiffel, Sunflower Ian and Margaret Coles, Sail la Vie Keith and Lyndal Wilson, Rhumb Line Jim and Ginny Lupton, Sirocco John and Ro Weidemier, Gazelle Mike and Susanna Wolf
August 26, 2007
* The fleet left Jibbon around 1100
* The weather was perfect, there was a small swell at the anchorage (nothing too uncomfortable).
* Three marks were laid at the extensions of the three reefs.
* The fleet has a leisurely sail/motor down in 3-5 knots of NW.
* The marks were yellow with the TRIM flag on top - courtesy of Wednesday sailing.
* It is deep along the north western cliffs say 2-3 boat lengths off.
* I will also guide the new yachts into the anchorage.
* Yachts entered in single file keeping a reasonable distance apart.
* All yachts please have your VHF on and tuned to channel 73 for instructions or assistance.
* New yachts please contact me (L'attitude) or an experienced yacht for your run in.
* You should have at least 6 metres of water till you make the final turn around reef 3.
* We will be anchoring at low tide so your depth will increase during the stay but you should have at least 3 metres.
* There were no waves on the beach so it was easy to get ashore in a dingy.
* Fifteen yacht made it to Wattamolla.

After the picnic lunch on board the crews landed around 1400hrs to feel the sand between their toes have a group photo and prepare for the great dingy race around the moored boats.
Master, thanks for great day yesterday. It was really nice to meet members of the group and we look forward to other occasions in the future.
You obviously put a lot of time in organising the events and for our first one we appreciate it.
Regards Sue and Bruce, Sea Gypsy

Just a quick note to express our appreciation for a magic day at Wattamolla.
We had a great day and you certainly must have some influence with the weather godz. Cheers, Luppo and Rhumb Liners.

Thanks for organising such a great event last Sunday. Kylie and I enjoyed it greatly and had an opportunity to meet new friends with similar interests.  It is fantastic to know that we have such a lovely destination so close to our home base. Peter and Kylie V (Jura)

Boats Represented (17); L'attitude John and Margaret Barter, Kalina Ken and Libby Teiffel, Sea Gypsy Sue and Bruce Munro, Rhumb Line Jim and Ginny Lupton, Jura Peter Vaiciurgis, Splinter contingent of Splinterer's and Splinterettes, Emmanuel Jon Bown, Emphasis Dave and Eliz Perry, Iron Maiden Scott and Kim Toolin, Durham Alistair and Alison Rowe, Second Wind Don and Elizabeth Parker, Esprit Tony and Elizabeth Galwey, Short Shipped The Shorts, Power Boat The Dodd's, Gazelle Mike and Susanna Wolf, Nelly Bly The Crockers, Forgot Some?
Queens Birthday Whale Watch and Raft-up. (Third attempt)
Five starters in poor conditions; Sweet Talker and Kalina turned back after being caught in a severe hail storm.
Griffin left his mooring but returned soon after due to heavy rain.
L'attitude and Emphasis made it to sea but were not successful in sighting whales.
We will try again next year?
A whale watch search and return for mid afternoon (late lunch) raft-up.
The new location for the raft up is Jibbon Beach (Please watch for updates).
I suggest we venture south initially whilst the wind and sea are calm and return north as the wind start to increase from the SSW. Please listen to VHF 16/73 for updates or sightings.
ANZAC Day Estuary Classic (Cancelled with regret)
Wednesday April 25th
In the Estuary (weather permitting) at 1pm
Due to the following the ANZAC race has been called off.
* Forecast for the weather does not look promising.
* Tony has limited shelter at his home.
* There is no way we can go to the RMYC
* 1/3 of the fleet needs to come up on Tuesday and may not be able to return till Thursday due to the tide.
* In fairness to the upriver boats a decision needs to be made earlier than Wednesday.
* Tender service may be a problem (Most of the boats with tenders are from upriver).
Combined Broadwater Classic and Wednesday Afternoon (non point score) Race.

Was to be.........
The Theme after the race will be 'The food the ANZAC's survived on'
Tony and Elizabeth Galwey have kindly offered their home for our after race presentation.
Their address is; 10 Bulls Road Cronulla I have organised the RMYC tender to pickup and drop down at/near Tony's pontoon.
Tender service number is 0407 400 900.
I would suggest yachts that moor near the RMYC start from Tony's home and use the tender from there as it will be chaotic at the RMYC.
Yachts that come from other parts may have to anchor nearby and be picked up, however, when I know the numbers I may be able to advise of berthing location near Tony's pontoon. (So make sure I know you are coming).
The entry is a bottle of wine which will be redistributed to the placegetters in a presentation after the race.
It is late for lunch and a bit early for dinner but ideal for sundowners.
There is a BBQ available. I would suggest you bring ANZAC style food (Bully beef/Anzac biscuits) as a snack ready to eat or choose steak sandwiches or sausages on rolls type food as there will be limited tables and chairs.
Please supply your own drinks, cutlery and plates.
I expect all to be ashore by 3pm and for us to leave (with all our rubbish) by 5pm.
The tide at 5pm should allow upriver boats to return without any trouble. (1.04 at 5:30)

Can anyone help Rhumbline? Rhumb Line will be able to join the fleet on Anzac day.
All I need to do is find some Bully Beef and Cabin Bread (aka Ship's Biscuits) with a use by date a bit later than 1945? Cheers, Jim.
Easter Cruise
April 2007 (Link to Bundeena Chapter)
Part 1: Botany Bay lunch at THE BOATSHED at La Perouse
Eight yachts sailed from Port Hacking for Botany Bay the balance came by LAND YACHT.
Departure time for each yacht was planned for a common arrival time.
Arrival time Frenchman's Bay 12:00.
Anchor in Frenchman's Bay near the BOATSHED CAFE or just outside the mooring area.
Sightseeing was done by some in between rain squalls.
We had 38 for Lunch at the BOATSHED CAFE in Fisherman's Bay at La Perouse.
Most yachts then moved to Towra Point for the evening.

Part 2: Bundeena/Maianbar walking track
Anchor off Horderns Beach at Bundeena mid morning (10:30) and land on the beach around 11:30.
We then did the walk over Cabbage Tree Point to Bonnie Vale.
At each point of interest (according to the map) a Trim was nominated to inform us of the history.
After passing Simpson's house and the ruins of the Hotel we made our way to Club Bundy for refreshments.
Following refreshment we decided the RSL would be the best place for lunch.
Following lunch Christine Towndrow informed us that she had baked an Easter cake for us to partake of with ice cream, so we gathered on the beach and rounded off lunch with some cake.
Dinner aboard that evening.

Part 3: Overnight at Horderns Beach
April Mon 9, 2007
Sunrise and breakfast on board Return on the tide on Monday.

Comments; John, Here are some photos of Bundeena on Easter Sunday. Thank you for organising a great day. Fiona Brien

John, Selection of photos. Tony Galwey

Boats Attending (21); Chinook Peter and Leslie Rochaix (1, 2 and 3), Sweet Talker Kevin and Jeni Everitt (1, 2 and 3), L'attitude John and Margaret Barter (1, 2 and 3), Kalina Ken and Libby Teiffel (1, 2 and 3), Rhumbline Jim and Ginny Lupton( Part 2 and 3), Sail la Vie Keith and Lyndal Wilson (1 and 2), Durham Alistair , Alison and Rory Rowe (1), Chasseur Peter and Jacqui Gray, (1, 2 and 3), Morning Mist Paul and Cheryl Melling (1, 2 and 3), Sarsala Rob and Amanda Milner (1), Griffin Tony and Gordon Stewart (1), Carpe Diem roger and Janice Phair (1), Pied Piper Tony and Christine Towndrow (2), Emmanuel Jon and Susie Bown +2 (1, 2 and 3), Galia Alan and Joy Deeley (1,2 and 3), Gazelle Mike and Susanna Wolf (1, 2 and 3), Taronga Ken and Susan Travers (1), Esprite Tony and Elizabeth Galwey (2), Kareela Debbie and Ivor Brinson (1)
Cruising Meeting
Tuesday - February 27, 2007
This was our first Meeting for some time so we have a bit of catching up to do, especially from all the boats that went north in 2006.
The meeting started in the auditorium at 7:00 and finish at 8:00.
Tonight we were entertained by Kalida (David and Allison Harper) who are about to take off on an extended cruise.
They told us about their preparations and the route they intend to take via a power point presentation which follows;
Once again we had a very informative presentation and were impressed with the planning and detail that David and Allison have gone into to ensure that this adventure will be one to remember forever.
We wish them every success and will look forward to updates as the adventure unfolds.
They also took the opportunity to say farewell to their friends in the Port Hacking cruising Group.

Boats attending; Sweet Talker (Kevin and Jeni Everitt), Morning Mist (Paul and Cheryl Melling), L'attitude (John and Margaret Barter, Kalida (David and Allison Harper), Kalina (Ken and Libby Teiffel), Imogen (Angus and Marianne Gibson, Wind Dancer (Russell and Christine Bain), Kareela (Debbie and Ivor Brinson), Cruizen (Robert and Lynne McDonald), Splinter Kevin Swadling and some of the Crew), Reflections III (David and Dorothy Hammond), The Duchess Crew 3 persons, Taronga (Ken and Susan Travers), Gallia (Alan and Joy Deeley from Coastal Cruising Group), The Griffin (Gordon and Toni Stewart), Emphasis (Liz and Dave Perry), Freewinds of Gunyah (David Gosden), Rhumbline (Jim and Ginny Lupton), Gazelle (Mike Wolf)
Broadwater Classic Australia Day Flag
Friday 26th January, 2007
In 2007 it was Australian songs.
We have been very fortunate to be able to engage the Audley Symphony Orchestra again.
The orchestra consisted of: a 12 sting guitar, up to 5 six string guitars, Harmonicas, a Lager phone, and Didgeridoo.
The band has requested a conductor for next time.

Sixteen yachts started in perfect conditions to sail the "tricky" Broadwater course.
The fleet just about filled the broad water in perfect NE conditions.
Sweet Talker collected three bottles, The Duchess 2 bottles and Sail la Vie one bottle.
We were very fortunate that Lieutenant James Cook didn't discover Botany Bay a day later?
Yacht Class Skipper Place
Sweet Talker Bavaria 38 Kevin and Jeni Everitt 1
The Duchess Beneteau 39 Andy and Marquerite Chilton 2
Sail La Vie Dufour 35 Keith and Lyndal Wilson 3
Pied Piper Cavalier 32 Tony Towndrow 4
Morning Mist Beneteau 39 Paul Melling 5
Carpe Diem6 Northshore3400 Roger and Janice Phair 6
Iron Maiden Adams Scott and Kim Toolin 7
Third Man Olympic 40 Kevin and Elaine Oldfield 8
Rhumb Line Adams 43 Jim and Ginny Lupton 9
Kalina Compass 29 Ken and Libby Teiffel 10
Possible Dream C and C 36 Greg and Paula Barter 11
Emphasis Swarbrick David and Eliz Perry 12
Spray Trailer Sailer   13
Reflections III Catalina 42 David and Dot Hammond DNF
Second Wind Cole 35 Don and Elizabeth Parker DNF
L’attitude Dehler 41 DS John and Margaret Barter DNF

Pictures? 2007_AustraliaDay_Race

The yachts were rafted to Possible Dream, Marritti and Reflections, some anchored and the remainder rafted to the available pontoons, but we were able to accommodate all.
The 'aprè sail' proceedings were then commenced by the burning of gum leaves and lighting of BBQ's.
Somehow everyone manage to prepare their food in time for the Australian Day - Great Song Competition.
The band was magnificent and all yachts and crews performed with great gusto.
A vote was taken after each song and wine awarded accordingly.
The stock of wine quickly depleted so some quick fines we used the replenish the wine before the next act.
We had many traditional (and moving) Australian songs, we had words re-written of Australian songs to suit the occasion and a full theatrical performance of 'My boomerang won't come back' by Elizabeth Henwood (who loves an audience).
This has to be the best event yet - what can we do to beat this?

Australia Day 2007 - The Picnic Song Contest (162 images)

Very many thanks to you and Margaret for your hospitality yesterday.
We all had a great time and all agreed it was one of the best Australia days we have had.
Best regards from the Rhumb Liners, Jim, Ginny, Mike and Susannah.

What a great day. I came off Kalina and walked through the Broadwater Yacht Club and was greeted with a sea of faces.
Almost 80 to be exact.
This must be the best turnout yet. Of course the fact that there was an orchestra and a number of wonderful renditions of great Aussie songs made the day.
Many thanks to you and Marg. Libby, Ken, Margaret and Ian and Suzie.

Hello, Fantastic Australia Day. Best yet! Shame we couldn't finish the song that we worked so hard on.
But we had a great time writing it anyway.
I believe quite a few people wanted to hear it all.
I have attached some pics and the music sheet. Regards Dave and Liz Perry.

Quick Goes the Sheets

Out on the deck the old skipper stands
Grasping the wheel in his thin boney hands
Fixed in his gaze is bare belly Joe
Glory if he trims her and makes the yacht go

Quick with the sheets boys, quick, quick, quick
Strong is their grip and their hands move quick
The skipper looks around, is beaten by his foes
And curses all the crew ‘specially bare belly Joe

In the middle of the cockpit, in his cushioned chair
Is the owner of the boat with his eyes everywhere
Notes every yacht as they pass on the beam
And yells to the skipper, to rally the team

Quick with the sheets boys, quick, quick, quick
Strong is their grip and their hands move quick
The skipper looks around is beaten by his foes
And curses all the crew ‘specially bare belly Joe

Bare Belly Joe, works at the sheets
Sick of the sound of the loud skippers’ bleats
The yacht starts to surge, is really going fast
So the crew wave to the others as they sail on past
Quick with the sheets boys, quick, quick, quick
Strong is their grip and their hands move quick
The skipper looks around is beaten by his foes
And curses all the crew, specially bare belly Joe

At the finish line, the watchful starter sits
Taking the times on a beer that he sips
The starter looks around, and wonders who they are
The crew from the bush has won by far

Quick with the sheets boys, quick, quick, quick
Strong is their grip and their hands move quick
The skipper looks around cause he’s beaten all his foes
And now praises all the crew, specially bare belly Joe
Back at the club the old skipper sits
Holding his rum in his thin bony fist
The crew gathers round, the results are read out
The owner rings the bell as now he wants to shout

This Chorus: {Sung slowly}
Quick with the drinks, boys, quick, quick, quick
Wide are their smiles as their’ glasses clink
The skipper looks around cause he’s beaten all his foes
And praises all the crew ‘specially bare belly Joe
And praises all the crew ‘specially bare belly Joe

Boats Represented (22);
Emphasis Dave and Liz Perry (Song: Click go the shears ), Kalina Ken and Libby Teiffel + Sunflower Ian and Margaret Coles and Fred and Gwen Teiffel (Song: Off to Botany Bay ), L'attitude John and Margaret Barter (Song: My Boomerang won't come back), Morning Mist Paul and Cheryl Melling (Orchestra 1), Sweet Talker Kev and Jeni Everitt (Song: Home Among The Gumtrees), Second Wind Don and Elizabeth Parker, Sea Change Ian and Rhonda Colman (Song: On the road to Gundagai), Rhumb Line Jim and Ginny Lupton, Seeka Rick and Elizabeth Henwood (Song: with L'attitude), Third Man Kevin and Elaine Oldfield (Song: TBA), Imogen Angus and Marianne Gibson, Iron Maiden Scott and Kim Toolin (Song: TBA) , Carpe Diem Roger and Janice Phair, The Duchess An dy and Marquerite Chilton and crew (Song: True Blue), Possible Dream Greg and Paula Barter, Marritti Paul Hammond and friends, Reflections David and Dot Hammond (Song: Woodwind Instruments?), Sail la Vie Keith and Lyndal Wilson (Song: Aeroplane Jelly and/or Happy Little Vegemites), Pied Piper Tony and Christine Towndrow (Song: I still call Australia home), Spray Trailer Sailor, The Crow Jim Crowhurst

Apologies couldn't make it this time; Chinook ,Emmanuel, Story Teller, Wind Dancer, Kareela, Vivre le Reve, Konan