Completed Events 2009
New Years Eve at Audley
30th December 2009
ALL TRIMS we will be at Audley from mid morning Wednesday until Mid Morning Saturday.
All Welcome to join for a quiet New Years Eve.

We had a great time at Audley, John Bown and his girlfriend on Emmanuelle, Rhonda and Ian Colman on Sea Change, Marg and Ian Coles on Sunflower and Us on Possible Dream spend New Years Eve afternoon playing boulle (quite hilarious) and then we BBQ'd on Emmanuelle and brought the New Year in with songs of the 60's (not terribly tuneful).
We spent New Years Day recovering and then played a card game called "May I" again with great hilarity.
Ken and I came home on Saturday morning before the rain set in. Libby and Ken
Yachts Attending; Possible Dream, Sun Flower, Sea Change, Eureka, Emmanual
Coastal Cruising Group
28th November 2009
The Coastal Cruising Club of Australia will be coming down from Sydney Harbour and Pittwater on Sat 28th November with about 15 yachts and staying until around to the following Wednesday.
Saturday usually stay at Jibbon and then Sunday afternoon Gunnamatta Bay and to R.M.Y.C for Sunday night dinner.
Monday morning  on the tide to South West Arm. Then probably Tuesday up to Audley on a couple of Cats.

John, and anyone else from our Cruising Group would be more than welcome to join in.
We will be staying with them the whole time.
Thanks for your help,
Regards Bruce CHILLI HEAT
Audley Weekend
November 7th and 8th (Saturday and Sunday)
Four yachts attended this year.
Somehow, we managed to pick a weekend that didn't suit many boats. Plus many are away and some have sold their boats.
Never the less the rain held off and I hope those that were there enjoyed the break.
The BBQs at Willow tree flats had been removed and we had to move to Currawong Flats where we found more BBQs and a table by the river.
A very enjoyable evening was had by all.
The following morning we rose late, after a perfectly calm night although there was some rain, and it's always impressive to see the mist rising over the river. After a few coffees we moved the Reid's Flat for a hearty breakfast before catching the tide home.

Click here for slide show.

Once again thank you John "The Master" for organising another enjoyable event.
Although there were only 3 boats we had a most enjoyable time.
We met new people, Brad and Sandy from "Swagman" attending their first Trim gathering.
Although there were not too many of us to intimidate them we were able to share some of our past stories with them - especially the year that Santa arrived in his wheel chair pulled by his Reindeers.
We sank a few Ales and Reds over a BBQ dinner and continued our stories of past events.
The weather was good to us and the rain held off. A most relaxing and enjoyable time.
Thanks John for teaching us the new game called "BLAST"
Thanks for a great weekend. Libby and Ken
John just a note to say thank you for a great weekend. Brad and I really enjoyed ourselves and hopefully we will be there next year.
It was obvious to us that Trim is predominantly what it is because of you and your commitment to ensure activities are available to members, a good time is had by all and a record is there for all to share.
Ken tracked Brad down at work to follow up on the BBQ and we will catch up with them on Saturday.
Enjoyed the photos and  will thank Ken and Libby when we see them.
Regards to Margaret
Sandy and Brad Lester

Yachts Attending; L'attitude, Swagman, Possible Dream, Reflections
The Wildflowers
Sunday 27th September 2009 Saddle Valley beyond Anice Falls
Four Yachts anchored at South West Arm in a westerly gale with wind bullets skewing the boats from left to right placing them broadside to the wind and causing them to heel violently at times.
At 11:00am we headed up South West Arm creek in our dingies to where a creek from Saddle Valley meets.
A short trip up this creek brought us to Anice Falls where we set up our picnic by a natural swimming pool surrounded by large rocks.
It was a perfect spot out of the wind and very warm compared to our anchorages at South West Arm.
One group climbed to the top of the water fall while another group (who had brought a ladder) climbed the face of the waterfall to the river above the falls. From here we followed the creek up through Saddle Valley to find our flowers. The flowers this year weren't as prolific as we have been used to in previous years due to our lateness, but not bad as the pictures will show.

Report from Possible Dream
The day of the Wild Flower Expedition dawned; Ken and I (Libby) on Possible Dream were already moored in South West Arm and had already survived a couple of nights of wind.
The wind persisted all day and at about 3.30 Keith and Lindel Wilson arrived on MaJiKal, they joined us on Possible Dream for the 5.00 o’clock drinks and about 5.30
John and Margaret Barter on L’Attitude arrived and after securing an anchorage they also joined us for a little Red Nell and the usual Yacht stories.
The wind howled all night and although it was really windy we were all quite comfortable and Lindel actually said “What Wind I slept all night”.
The morning dawned and although we did ask “Huey” the God of Wind to give it away he insisted on continuing to blow.
At 11.00 Reflections III arrived with Dot and David Hammond on board.
Soon after this John and Margaret in their dinghy picked up Dot and David, Keith and Lindel had their dinghy and Ken and I in ours.
So the three dinghies headed up river to find the wild flowers.
We found the “Wild Water”, there were White Caps everywhere and we were heading directly into the wind so it was quite bouncy trip and definitely wet.  Chug Chug Chug and suddenly Ken and my engine failed, I looked at Ken in horror. Whoops we had run out of petrol, thank goodness Ken had put a container of fuel on board.
So with great effort he rowed us against the breeze (actually howling gale) into the mangroves and with me clinging desperately to a mangrove we managed to refuel the out board and head off again to join the other two dinghies.
Once we turned off the main waterway and headed up the creek we were protected from the wind and the sun was shining so life started to take on a brand new feeling.
We got to the end of the waterway where we found the pond John had been boasting about, not a lot of water and the Anice Falls were not running, but a beautiful spot and after securing the dinghies and clambering over the rocks, without any disasters, there was a nice flat spot to have our picnic lunch.
The most adventurous of the party took off up the hillside to find the wild flowers, the less adventurous put the ladder (which had been transported by John) up against the cliff face and up and away they were off of find the wild flowers.
The even less adventurous stayed behind and minded the picnic lunches.
The Wild Flowers were duly found an photographed and after a very pleasant lunch a few interesting stories we all headed back to the dinghies and then down the stream and into the main water way where the wind was still blowing but was behind us and so the trip back to our individual boats was much faster and much more comfortable.
Once again a great day and adventure organised by the “Master” Thank you John
Yachts That made it; L'attitude, MaJiKaL, Possible Dream, Reflections.
Yachts that nearly made it; Cooyong, Esprit
Can't make it this time; Chinook, Chasseur, Lorita Maria, Splinter, Sea Change, Chilli Heat Beneteau Oceanis 473, ex Wind Dancer, Iron Maiden, Rhumb Line, Seeka, Galatia-M, Sea Hawk
Wattamolla in August
Attempt set for Sunday 16th August 2009
CANCELLED due to unfavourable forecast and seas.
Very sorry, but can't risk under the forecast conditions. Individual attempts can be made on other days.
For those that would like to be on the water, I suggest you meet at Jibbon around 11:00am and choose a safe anchorage to raft and talk about better days.
Yachts Interested (26); L'attitude, The Duchess (assistance required), Third Man, Seeka, Sirocco, Cooyong, Silver Spirit, Pied Piper, Durham, Chinook (if 2nd), Intermezzo, Galatea -M (assistance required), Possible Dream, Excentric, MaJiKaL, Chasseur, Sea Gypsy now Chilli Heat (Beneteau Oceanis 473), (Carp Diem and Iron Maiden), Reflections, ELLE, Hands Off, Wind Dancer, Morning Mist, Windsong,
Note: Some yacht names above may be joining other yachts for the excursion.
Can't make it this time; Chinook (some dates), Galatea-M (some dates), Wind Dancer?, Seeka can't make 2nd, MaJiKaL, can't make 2nd, Caroline, Rhumb Line, Lorita Maria (assistance required)

Whale Watch
Monday 8th June - Long Weekend
The raft-up for lunch will be West of the Merries Reef (Boat Harbour).
We had a sunny day with scattered cloud with some north in the westerly wind. Maximum strength ~ 15knots. Everybody was on the move from the R.M.Y.C by 1100.
It looked very impressive to see such a large fleet heading out under sail.
The fleet scattered and Esprit made the first sighing south of Cape Bailey followed by several other sightings.
L'attitude and Griffin picked up a pod south of the Bombora and followed it north before peeling off for lunch.
On the way in some seals were seen sunning themselves close to the Merries.
Everyone set their own time home, we left around 3:00 to arrive back for sundowners on board.
We seem to be getting so big, we now have two divisions.

Click collage for slide show
Division 1 (Boat Harbour)
Represented by; L'attitude, Excentric, Esprit, New Stampede, MaJiKaL, Silver Spirit, San Pan, Possible Dream, Sun Flower, Seeka, Gooyong and Sirocco all had an excellent lunch at Boat Harbour. (note the floor show we were treated to courtesy of Weids).

Division 2 (Dunno)
Thanks John A great day, Sorry we changed our mind about joining you at boat harbour but Jibbon looked a better option.
Once again Thank you, Gordon (Griffin)
Greetings Master, May the Rhumb Liner's convey our compliments on another excellent whale hunt er, watch, with some success at sighting cetaceans. (Try sayin' that after a few rums!!?)
Regarding the dispersion of the fleet for lunch, there were a few that chose to anchor or raft up at Boat Harbour whilst the majority sought shelter at Jibbon.
As you have always maintained, the cruising fraternity does express individuality of movement, both in vessels and in thought, there could be some dissension in the  cruising fleet of dubbing those individuals as Division 1 or Division 2.
Given your vast experience of organising excellent cruising ventures, please remember, respectfully, the notion of trying to herd cats, as Trim was in no division at all.
Regards, Aye, Rhumb Liners.
Thanks Jim I forgot - I must remember we are all Trims, The Jaguar er Master

Yachts Represented (28); L'attitude, MaJiKaL, Mirage, Sea Magic, Chasseur, Excentric, Silver Spirit, Iron Maiden, Caroline, Possible Dream, Seeka, Esprit, Hands Off, Morning Mist, Juggernaught, Sea Gypsy (firm maybe), Rhumb Line, Korvanton, The Duchess, Konan, Griffin, Vivre le Reve, Short Wave (Tender), Wind Dancer, Googong. Sirocco, Pied Piper, Sun Flower.
Can't make it this time; Chinook, Sea Change, Windsong, Splinter, Reflections
Easter Weekend Overnighter
Friday, 10th April 2009
Trims, We have booked The Boatshed Cafe at La Perouse for a 1:30pm lunch on Good Friday, currently for 21 people.
Each yacht to plan their arrival for 1:00pm.
Hi John, What a great day Good Friday turned out to be.
Ken and I left home at 10.00am and motor sailed to Botany Bay, the sun was shining and the wind was a quiet 10 knots with wonderful smooth seas.
We arrived in Botany Bay to find Chasseur already on a mooring and Sea Change just dropping anchor.
As we were anchoring Excentric arrived closely followed by L'attitude.
We all bided our time until 1.00 o'clock when we all "Rubber Duckied" into the shore.
Ken and I towed John and Margaret as they seemed to have forgotten the oars and motor.
We were closely followed by the rest and Rhonda managed to dunk not only herself into the water but her watch and handbag.
We all converged on the Boat Shed and were quickly joined by Kevin and Jeni, David and Dot, and Suzanna and Michaels two boys and a friend.
We were a joyful lot making lots of noise and thoroughly enjoying the food that the Boat Shed served.
At about 4.30 we all headed back to our boats and the land cruising contingency headed for their dry land homes.
We were all now in party mode and John and Margaret invited us all for sundowners on L'attitude.
We easily entertained each other together with any other vessel anchored in the same vicinity, with outlandish stories and much laughter.
9.00 found us all ready to retire and peace reigned over the bay once again as we headed back to our own boats.
Saturday dawned with a wonderful Red Sky and no wind and Ken and I motored back to the Port Hacking with the most wonderful calm seas.
We had a great time and many thanks to John for once again organising a great event.
Libby and Ken

Most yachts overnighted at La Perouse and return on the Saturday morning.
Yachts attending;
L'attitude - lunch at the fish cafe BB and over night at Towra or dinner and overnight at Wattamolla (subject to weather) or upriver.
Possible Dream - Happy with Botany Bay Cafe or around the Port.
Third Man - Elaine and I will be on Third Man over the Easter weekend. We plan to stay close due to my Mum not being well. We would like to catch up with other interested yachts. eg. Botany Bay up river etc. (Must have lost their way)
Hands Off - The Boatshed La Perouse
Sea Change - The Boatshed la Perouse
Sea Gypsy - Maybe?
Chasseur - The Boatshed and on to the harbour.
Reflections - Arriving by land yacht.
Sweet Talkers - Arriving by land yacht
Windsong will be about Saturday/Sunday.
Excentric - with three from land yachts.

Can't make it this time; Sweet Chariot, Caroline, Chinook, Galatea-M, Konan
Cruise Meeting
Thursday 12th March 2009
Barry and Ian stood in for Jo.
They gave us an account of what was to be a dream run to the Whitsunday's that turned horribly wrong.
From an incident as small as getting a fish trap caught on the propeller more serious events developed.
These ranged from sea sickness to Mainsails falling down to the mast failing and trapping the life raft to anchor chain jamming preventing the anchor from being lowered and so on.
There was also a lesson in the communications problems and the various rescue attempts.
The talk reminded all of us of what can happen, and the pressure that was on the crew under horrific circumstances.
I'm sure all of us will have a good think about our own yachts and how we would react in similar conditions.
None of us are immune to the possibility of disaster at sea.
Our thanks to Barry and Ian for being so good as to share this experience with us.
Click collage for slideshow
Click collage for more

Hi Barry and Curley,
This is a belated thank you for your talk last Thursday evening.
On behalf of the group, I am most grateful for your talk at very short notice and appreciate you reliving the ordeal.
I know all present took in your "lessons learnt" and it certainly is embedded in my brain.
Thanks again, Best regards, Jim Lupton.

Yachts attending; L'attitude, Rhumb Line, Galia, Morning Mist, Sea Change, Reflections, Sweet Talker, Classique, Third Man, Cruizen, Sea Gypsy, Splinter, Possible Dream, Taronga, Konan, Iron Maiden, Sweet Chariot , Griffin, Gazelle, Suzzie, Galatea-M
Cruise Meeting
Thursday 12th February - Lower Bar
Scott and Kim Toolin to reported on their experience in cruising from Southport to Lord Howe Island.
You could title it along the lines “What not to do when you go cruising..!!” or something similar.
We were all totally entertained at Scott and Kim's report, and have the name of the hapless skipper firmly recorded in our minds should we be approached.
An epic voyage, where everything that could go wrong did, due largely to a total lack of preparation and inexperience.
Our thanks to Scott and Kim.
Ken and I would like to thank Kim and Scott for a most entertaining presentation. Personally I am in awe, that after the disastrous crossing to Lord Howe Island, Kim was willing to "Stand By Her Man" and take on the return trip. Libby
Yachts Interested (15); L'attitude, Iron Maiden, Galia, Morning Mist, Possible Dream, Sea Change, SEA GYPSY, Water Dancer, Galatea-M, Reflections, Sweet Talker, Classique, SV Cruizen, Cooyong, Rhumb Line
Can't make it this time; Lyn and I will be sipping cocktails on Lord Howe Island that night, KW, Vivre la Reve, Gazelle, Kareela
Australia Day Broadwater Classic
26th January 2009
(First boat 12 noon) WANTED - Your Comments, Yarns or Pictures to keep the Master happy.
Flying Parrots
 2009 - Theme The Australian yarn
This year I would like the theme to be a typical Australian yarn.
It could be a poem, but ideally a spun yarn told by yourself or played.
If you have a yarn on tape or CD let me have it in advance so it can be played over the sound system.
If you need help see me (I have plenty on tape for you to choose from).
It needs to be a good Australian yarn - one that takes your fancy and one with a twist.
As well as the bottle entry for the Broadwater Classic, a bottle will be required from each couple not spinning an Australian yarn.
Results - Australia Day Broadwater Classic January 26, 2009 Click photo for

Australia Day Classic 2009

Courtesy of John W

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Ozzie Tall Tales & True......
Pied Piper 1
Commin Thru 2
Durham 3
Vivre la Reve 4
The Duchess 5
Chinook 6
Carpe Diem 7
The Crow 8
Morning Mist 9
Cooyong 10
Sweet Talker 11
Rhumb Line 12
Sirocco 13
Sweet Chariot 14
Possible Dream 15
L'attitude DNF
Stampede DNF
Colortile DNC
Esprit DNC
Your Comments  
Thanks for another GREAT Day. JW

A little fun, check out the attachment, enjoy!!     click here from Keith W 

Just a quick note to say thanks again for a great day and a great little derby around the Broadwater. We are blessed heaps to have such a magnificent waterway and country. I am also passing on my thanks for Dave allowing us to raft up on Reflections
Also attached is Wattamolla Dreaming lyrics and guitar chords. click here Cheers, Jim Lupton and all Rhumb Liners  

Once again a "Real Beaut Day" I don't think we have every had so many people participating.
Thanks to you and Margaret for opening up your property to all of us to enjoy the spectacular view and great entertainment. Libby and Ken  

What a great day on Monday.
First time for owners and crew on Vivre le Reve, and we all enjoyed the racing and Australia Day yarns and friendship amongst all on shore immensely. Thank you for the effort you make repeatedly for all of us Cruising yacht people.
Kind regards, Russell and Jan Barnes  

Thanks for another great Broadwater Classic last Monday.
Regards, Craig and Mary (Comin' Thru)  

Thanks for your great hospitality on Australia Day, Durham – Alistair Alison and Rory

Yachts Interested (23); L'attitude, Pied Piper, The Duchess, Sirocco, Sweet Talkers, Susie B, Carpe Diem, Possible Dream, Rhumb Line, Morning Mist, Chinook, Sea Magic, Water Dancer, Cooyong, Seeka, Second Wind, Commin Thru, Iron Maiden, Sweet Chariot, Vivre Le Reve, Reflections, The Crow, Durham, Stampede, Esprit
Can't make it this time; Sea Change, Gazelle, Griffin, Freewinds, Third Man, Chasseur, ex Classique, Discoverer, Taronga, Galia, Konan, Lotus.