Completed Events
Christmas and New Year Events
2012 - 2013
Many yachts will spend time on the water over the holiday.
If you have plans and would welcome company - please let me know so I can display your whereabouts here.

Jervis Bay
Eureka -
Elaine and I are planning to spend the new year weekend on the boat and cruise down to Jervis Bay the first 2 weeks of January.
Hope to see you on the water.
Yachts Interested:

CYC New Year
Endless Summer - Great idea - Please put Russell and Jan Barnes on the Hanse 385 “endless summer” as visitors to CYCA for 2 weeks from 27 December Best wishes for Christmas and New Year.
Chinook - is at the CYC from Boxing Day for 2 weeks. Hope see you on the Harbour Merry Christmas to all Cheers Peter and Lesley Rochaix.
Migaloo - is joining Endless Summer and Chinook over new year.
Aeolus - will also be based at the CYC.

Broken Bay
Lorita Maria - is back in the water and now moored in Gannons Bay. I'm hoping to visit Broken Bay Jan 2 to Jan 6 Regards Greg

Port Hacking
Possible Dream - Planning to spend the new year at Audley. Ken and Libby Teiffel
Sunflower - Joining Possible Dream at Audley. Ian and Margaret Coles
Rhumb Line - Will join others at Audley for new year.
L'attitude - Plan to be at Audley for new year.

I will be in Hobart for new years, I am bringing back Brannew. Cheers Jared

New Years Eve Audley
December 31, 2012
John thanks to you and Margaret for your company this New Year.
It was a most enjoyable time. Libby and Ken
Audley was Possible Dreams destination (Ken and Libby Teiffel) and we spent a very enjoyable day rafted up with L’Attitude,(John and Margaret Barter) Sunflower (Ian and Margaret Coles) and Rhumb Line (Jim and Ginnie Lupton).
We all lunched on fresh prawns, chicken and cold lamb, bread rolls and a couple of White Wines and Beers.
Mid afternoon we all took a walk to the Weir Café and some of the more energetic people did a short walk to Lady Carrington drive, returning in time for Iced Coffee and Rocky Road.
Back to flotilla where we successfully spent the rest of the afternoon reading and relaxing until 7.30 when we all sat on Possible Dream enjoying Red Nells, Champagne and Cold Beers with platters of biscuit and cheese.
We related stories of past boating experiences and told jokes, and before we realized it we could hear the 9.00pm fireworks, still we kept the stories going and the jokes got funnier and funnier with more Red Wine, Champagne and Beer.
We seemed to forget that we should have been BBQing some steaks and continued to nibble on the biscuits and cheese until suddenly it was Midnight.
We all Toasted each other and then realized we were quite tired but incredibly proud that we had actually seen the New Year In.
Once again a relaxing quiet New Years Eve in our favourite spot Audley

Thank you all for your sharing New Years eve with us, it was a great night.
I have attached photos. Best wishes Ian and Margaret (Coles).

Many thanks for the enjoyable company over NYE.
Ginny and I had a great time and a good sleep after, so much so we didn't hear the rockets at 0300.
Many thanks also to Ian for the great photos of the raft-up. Cheers, RhumbLiners.
Audley WeekendTides
November 15, 16, 17th and 18th, 2012
We have big tides at around 11:30am on these days. (Add 1 hour to chart shown)
Audley has undergone a major refurbishment, and the facilities are now first class.
We will drop anchor in the middle of the river and moor stern into the bank at Pool Flats.
Some yachts may like to arrive before Saturday so I expect we will do some walking, rowing and eating.
On Saturday evening we will organise a grand dinner and some entertainment.
The new facilities at the old dance hall serve Breakfast and lunch and coffees and cakes in a very pleasant atmosphere.

 This is our last event before Christmas, so the theme will be a Christmas message.
The Main event will be the Christmas dinner on Saturday night in the pavilion at Audley.
I would like to see the tables decorated and if possible members to dress for the occasion - I will leave that up to you.
Boats can also be dressed for the occasion with flags, lights or Christmas regalia.
There will be prizes for the best presentation and a Master of Ceremonies appointed to judicate and to administer penalties for misdemeanours.
A band may be available and the 'choir of heavenly voices' will lead the singing after diner.
Land yacht are also welcome for the diner which will commence around 6pm.

Audley Report
Despite the wet weather, The Master on L’atttude and Us (Libby and Ken) on Possible Dream spent the afternoon and evening at Audley, the weather was reasonable during the afternoon so we took a walk to the Weir Café for a nice cup of coffee and some rocky road. Checked out the BBQ’s and shed for the next night’s BIG party.
Back to the boats just in time to miss the downfall that fell from the skies, this did not worry us as we were able to sit undercover on Possible Dream and sip glasses of red wine and beer before having an evening meal wonderfully prepared by The Master aboard L’attitude.
After a very very calm night and some breakfast we started to prepare for the first boats to arrive, the sun was shining and the rain appeared to have disappeared.
First the Hetherington’s on Migaloo, closely followed by Espirit, then The Crow, Eur eka and finally Sweet Chariot.
The afternoon was spent visiting each others vessels and generally socializing before heading up to the Pavilion for our Xmas gathering.
Tables were decorated, Christmas lights were hung, glasses of wine poured and beers opened.
Games were played and Misdemeanors given out and then we were beautifully entertained with musical renditions by Ross and Jan’s grandchildren and Margaret and John’s grandson.
To end the evening we all joined in the singing of the Traditional Christmas carols before packing up and heading back to our floating homes.
Of course we had to have a night cap before heading for bed.
Another peaceful night was spent and after breakfast we once again sat and chatted or went ashore for exercise before catching the tide at midday to head back to our land dwellings.
Once again a very successful weekend
Thankyou Master and Mistress

Yachts Interested (10): L'attitude (Friday), Sweet Chariot (Saturday), Apprentice, Possible Dream, Esprit, Eureka (Friday), Sea Change, Korvanton (Saturday), The Crow,
Can't make it this time: MaJiKaL, Caloola, Aeolus, Chasseur, Indulgence, Seeka, Chinook, Reflections, Rhumb Line

October Long Weekend
September 29. 30 October 1, 2012

Migaloo headed of for the Harbour on Thursday with the help of the Everitt's and then on to Broken Bay on Friday.
L'attitude left on Friday into a brisk northerly of up to 28k bound for Broken Bay.
Both yachts rendezvoused on Friday evening near Jerusalem Bay.
The following morning we were joined by Surger and the Shaw's.
The morning and lunch was had at Patonga.
The trio of boats then found a quite anchorage at the end of Smiths Creek for the evening.
Sunday came and we moved to an anchorage behind Dangar Island in preparation for our long lunch at Peats Bite.
All the ladies dressed for the occasion and we were picked up by Surger for the trip under the two bridges to our lunch venue.
What an enjoyable afternoon it was.
We had a seven course lunch and were entertained by Tammy singing and her brother on the guitar.
We danced and sang and ate and were entertained in great style.
We returned to Dangar Island at dusk and stayed for the night.
Migaloo left the following morning for the Port and L'attitude stayed an extra night at Jerusalem Bay.

Yachts Interested: Migaloo, Sweet Talker,  L'attitude, Surger
Can't make it this time: MaJiKaL, Lorita Maria, Chinook, Sea Hawk, Eureka.

Wildflowers - South West Arm (Change of venue)
September 23, 2012
0730 low 0.54 - 14:11 high 1.58.

A reconnaissance has revealed that we will have trouble reaching the head of Cabbage Tree Creek.
As well as problems with shifting sand a large tree has fallen across the river making it impossible to pass.
The only picnic area is at the head of navigation so another venue is required.

This is always a popular event when we explore, in our dinghies, some of the small rivers that feed the Hacking River.
This year we Anchored on the western side of South West arm and boarded our dinghies for the run  to the head of navigation to find the wildflowers.
After a hike to Winifred falls we retuned to the dinghies to make our way back with a detour via Anice falls for lunch.

For more see: The Cruising Guide - Page 53.

The Master
Hi John, Thanks for a truly magnificent day at Southwest arm. Thanks for organising the wildflowers, weather, water, and great company.
sv Chinook Peter and Lesley

Hi John,
Another magic day with the Cruising Group, it was the best with crystal clear water, beautiful weather and great company.
In fact, I reckon we should all have snorkeled up to the falls, it was so clear and we could have enjoyed it from another viewpoint!
Cheers, Ginny and Jim Rhumb Liners.

Just watched the slide show of last Sunday, wonderful day, fabulous company, and the spring flowers stunning.
Thank you to you and the apprentice. Great to see Gerard. Splinter

Peter, Leslie, Ginny and Jim, Thanks for your comments, they are appreciated.
See slideshow below of photos provided by Peter and Jim.
The Master


Click here for Slideshow

The picnic was had in style aboard Migaloo. Table cloths (or suitable rugs), serviettes (cloth), silver goblets (or pewter) and champagne were on display. Last time we even had some picnickers with silver candelabras complete with candles so we had a high standard to maintain.

The prize for the most style went to Chinook with all of the above.
SW Arm wildflowers Flower
Wattle Flower Wartah

Yachts Interested (9): L'attitude (4), Assistant Cruise Captain, Chinook, Splinter, Migaloo, Sweet Talker, Rhumb Line, Imogen.
Can't make it this time: MaJiKaL, Seeka, Sea Hawk, Sweet Chariot, Morning Mist, Hands Off

Wattamolla Sunday Cruise and Luncheon 2012  
Sunday July 15th

I have done a recognisance today (Saturday)
Weather for Wattamolla looks excellent:
Wind: Max 13k at 1200  (Perfect)
Swell: .8 to .9m (Like it to be under .5 - See picture Sat.)  OK but best have a stern anchor handy.
Weather: Sunny (OK)
Rainfall: Nil (Can't do better)
Tide: Low around midday (Good)
Wattamolla Watta watta Watta

The idea will be to muster at Jibbon around 1000 hours, then sail as a group to Providential Head at say 1030 hours.
Buoys may be laid to mark the way in, and all yachts are asked to listen on VHF 73 for any instructions and anchoring information.
New yachts requiring assistance will be allocated an experienced yacht to assist – Contact John Barter on 0418 253 479 for instructions.
Wattamolla is an unique anchorage very close to the Port but it does have its hazards, so care must be taken.

Once inside it can comfortably hold 20 yachts at anchor.
After lunch onboard we will get up to some mischief ashore before returning home around 1500 hours.
For more information see the cruising guide at;

Click here for pictures and slideshow

Greetings Master,
Rhumb Liners wish to congratulate you on organising another magic cruising group day.
The placing of the red buoy at the entrance was a good safeguard for us all.
We also thank the ferry coxswains (Jim Crowhurst and Don Parker) for the very efficient service with no dunkings.
I am putting our photos on a cd and will get that to you ASAP. Cheers, Luppo.

Boats Participating: Reflections, L'attitude, Lolita Maria, Chinook, The Crow, Rhumb Line, Hands Off, Sea Change

Presentation by David and Alison Harper
KalidaTuesday 26th June 2012 - 6-7pm in the lower bar followed by a bistro dinner.
Alison and David and family have now spent many years cruising out of Cairns.
They have now returned and would like to tell us of their experiences.
Many of their stories are on the cruising updates on the cruising web.

Apprentice Jared will be organising these events, and this page will be updated as more information comes to hand.
The aim is to get these evenings running again while we have members willing to share their stories.

The following is an extract from Kalida;
Updates from Kalida February 2012
A quick fix for the wet season.
As we are still in Cairns with the wet season upon us, keeping an eye open for potential cyclones lurking around it makes it hard to go places.
Sometimes you might get a day other times you might get a little longer between showers or weird weather. I thought that I would ask a variety of boatie friends as to where they go for that short trip to get their “quick fix” of the cruising life they once had ...……swimming, diving, fishing and trimming those sails – oh that’s Dad’s job, dragging anchor in those strong squalls that come out of nowhere.
KalidaNow that’s living!
We have a saying – “When leaving the marina turn left to play; turn right to hide from a cyclone”. Once we took our Nan from Sydney to Michaelmas Cay. She asked a lot of questions and we will always remember the look on her face when we answered them.
Here are a few things Nan asked:
What was that thing that just flew past the window? (Matthews reply) Could be any thing Nan, probably our washing blowing away How strong was that gust? (Matthews reply) About 30knots. Does it always do this? (Matthews reply) Every so often you’ll get used to it.
What’s the banging under the hull? (Natasha’s reply) Just sharks or big fish, want to go for a swim Nan?
Why does David sit out in the cockpit for hours in the middle of the night when it’s really windy and raining? (Natasha’s reply) Just in case we drag he will be awake and try and stop us ending up on the reef and sink and have to abandon ship and call mayday to get rescued miles from any where in really rough seas surrounded by sharks. (We didn’t really mean to scare her)
When I asked some of the other boaties where they go for a short break from Cairns this is the response that I got. (Some have some strange answers but that’s ok)

Boats Interested; L'attitude, MaJiKaL (maybe), Rhumb Line, Sea Change, Barry Waugh, Sweet Chariot, Migaloo, Color Tile, Kev and Jeni Everitt, Jared

Cruising Group Whale Watching Day and Late Lunch
Notice from the Apprentice as the Master will be away for this event.
Saturday 23rd June

Fellow cruising group members,
I the cruising apprentice would like to invite you to the annual whale watching cruise and raft up lunch.
The plan is to meet up around Jibbon Beach and communicate on Channel VHF 73 at about 10 am.
We then shall either sail or motor out toward where the whales should be passing as they migrate north.

On Saturday 23rd June, we had 5 boats come out for our annual whale watch and picnic lunch.
We all had a bit of a slow start in mustering on time.
Rhumbliners, headed out first in South Easterly direction, with Sweet Chariot following not too far behind, we were using channel VHF 73 for communication, not long after Sweet Chariot was on the radio they had found the first small group of whales, just north of the Jibbon Bomby.
Rhumbline quickly turned round and headed back towards the Jibbon bomby where we saw the whales, we were also reunited with Sea change and Hands Off who were casually sailing along with the pod.
L'attitude soon turned up and joined our fleet as we watched the Whales Jump and dive as they headed in a North Easterly direction.
Before too long Rhumbline Radioed into the other trims that they were returning to Jibbon Beach.
Once at Jibbon we picked up a mooring and started our picnic lunch which was great.
L'attiude and Sweet chariot rafted up with us and we had a lovely afternoon in the sun.
Thanks to the master for organising the web details,
Cheers Jared


whale  whale  whale  whale

Boats Interested; Rhumb Line 23rd, L'attitude, Hands Off, Sea Change, Esprit, Mica, Sweet Chariot
Can't make it this time; Possible Dream, Chinook, Indulgence, Eivre le Rive (sold), Eureka 9th only, Chasseur 24th and 8th

Guest of RMYC Broken Bay
Sunday 27th May 2012

The Sail Cruising Division at RMYC Broken Bay would like to reciprocate your wonderful hospitality we enjoyed With RMYC Port Hacking with lunch and a ferry trip on Pittwater and the Hawkesbury River.
We are proposing Sunday 27th of May to take a ferry from our club at Newport to Dangar Island, near Brooklyn, lunch at the Dangar Island Bowling Club and return to Newport in the afternoon.
On the water each way exploring some of our boating territory.

A small note to say thanks for organising the day. Lyn and I enjoyed it very much.

The northerners are a like-minded bunch of sailors. In their Club House, when we had a coffee before setting off for home, I had some offers / invitations for us to cruise in their "patch".
Probably for a week or more, given the distance, but it is a great venue and MaJiKaL would certainly participate (even if I have to drive the boat there myself) in an event.

We were invited to join one (or more) of their scheduled cruises. More, 2 or 3 mentioned to me that they will be sailing down to Port Hacking in early July. MaJiKaL

I would be happy to help coordinate events / dining / guiding at this end (in case I heard correctly when I think you said you would be away?). Perhaps we could discuss later over a coffee? I have left my contact details with Bob Vine.
Thanks again for the day Keith
Click here for slides and slideshow
Boats Interested (28); Possible Dream (2), MaJiKaL(6), L'attitude(4), J-Force(10, Reflections(2), Excentric(2), MICA(2), Aeolus(2)
Can't make it this time; Chinook, Vive le Rive, Indulgence, Caloola, Chasseur, Eureka, Migaloo(2), Rhumbline(2), Water Dancer(2)

The Boat Shed Fish Cafe and Overnight on Botany BayBoat Shed
Easter Saturday 7th April 2012.
Again, we will planned our arrival for 1200 at La Perouse, where lunch was booked for 1300.
Around 11:30 we had a 35k southerly. L'attitude, Esprit, Possible Dream, Excentric, Mica, Chasseur and Sweet Chariot came by their vessels, the rest came by land yacht. The wind eased during the day and yachts chose Towra, Kurnell or La Perouse to anchor overnight. Sunday was overcast but by mid morning a NEer had come through reaching 20k at times which made for a very pleasant sail home.
Once again a great event at the Boat Shed Restaurant at La Peruse.
Ken and I sailed up from Port Hacking accompanied by Margaret and Ian Coles.
We departed the Port at 9.30, it was beautiful morning a slight breeze and the sun was shining, just off Jibbon we unfurled the Number One Head Sail and cut the motor and sailed our way to Botany Bay.
When we were just at the entrance the Southerly arrived and made the furling of the head sail an interesting event as we had over 30knots of wind.
We headed into the Bay in front of the restaurant in a howling southerly and OH Joy … We got the anchor ready to drop but OH such luck there was a mooring sitting waiting for us.
La_Perose_2012 We picked up the mooring NO problem but then managed to get the anchor wrapped around the mooring rope….. We will say no more.
Yes we did manage to free it and head into the shore for a much deserved lunch.
There were 45 sailors all together.
Most had come by land yacht and of course were all looking very glamorous, when in walked the Sea Sailors looking decidedly windswept.
We all enjoyed a three course meal of great food and at about 5.00 we departed the restaurant, with tummies full of good food and wine.
The Land Yachties took to their yachts and navigated their way back home, while the intrepid Sea Yachties spent another pleasant hour on board Tony and Elizabeth Galway’s vessel before each heading to their own yacht ready for any early night. Although the wind did blow until about midnight and the waters were a little rock and rolley we all slept quite well and took of early for the homeward journey.
The seas were a little confused but not too bad and we did not get any rain.
Another Great Day…… Thank you Master. Possible Dream'.

Hi Master, Very many thanks for the very pleasant sojourn /soiree at the Boat Shed cafe on Saturday.
The food and wine was magic and the company as usual was impeccable! Regards, aye, Rhumb Liners.

Boats Attending (46)
; L'attitude(2), Possible Dream(4), Reflections(3), Chinook(2), Excentric(2), MICA(4), Eureka(4), Esprit(2), Chasseur(2), Migaloo(2), Sea Change(2), Rhumbline(5), The Waugh Ship(2), Sirocco(2), Sweet Talker(2), Korvanton(4), Aeolus(2), Sweet Chariot (Sailing-not eating).
Australia DayFlag
26th January 2012 at the Broadwater Yacht Club
Broadwater Classic is CANCELLED due to 100% probability of rain.
The BBQ and Picnic after is on from 12:00.
Please bring folding chairs if possible.
Street address: Crn of Wareemba Place and Turriell Bay road, use inclinator to boatshed.
This year the theme will be your choice.AustDay

It could be a poem, it could be a yarn ideally a spun by yourself or played, It could be good old Australian food prepared in the traditional way.

As well as the bottle entry for the Broadwater Classic, a bottle will be required from each couple not participating with a presentation.

The best performances will receive a prize (guess what)?

Great BBQ many thanks again.
I have put the few photos that I took up...if anyone else wants to send me their photos I will add them to the set.
Thanks again...See them at
Thank you for a great afternoon on Thursday. Herewith the 'poem' as requested. Kind Regards Carolyn and Tony

(May resemble the 'Gee Bung Polo Club')
It was somewhere down south, a port of sorts, carved from rock with shifting sand,
That they formed an institution called the Shire Sailing Clubs.
They were swarthy cocky natives from fibre cottage s off sandy trails,
Yet never a hull was shaped or a canvas tailored that the Shire boys couldn’t sail.
They had mighty little science, but a mighty lot of dash,
Their fleet was a mongrel pack, all bought with hard earned cash;
Whilst their hulls were rarely cleaned and the sails often patched,
They were demons, were the members of the Shire Sailing Clubs.

It was somewhere north, in a revered city’s polluted waters,
That an institution existed called the Rushcutters Bay Gentlemen’s Club.
As a social institution ’twas a marvelous success,
For the members were distinguished by exclusiveness and dress.
Their tax deductible yachts were proprietary limited, and smooth, and sleek,
For their cultivated owners treated them as mistresses to ride ’er once a week.
With annual bonuses due they sort to test their permanent crews in search of sport and fame,
So they contrived to show the Shire boys how they ought to play the game;
And they took their mistresses south with them – just to give their brass knobs a rub,
Ere they started operations on the Shire Sailing Clubs.

Now my readers can imagine how the handicaps were set for a full three days the negotiations went,
By then the weather had soured but the gentlemen would not relent,
For their crews were blue water tested and undoubtedly up to every test;
But when the Shire Boys got going they showed scant regard for the Gentlemen’s best,
Because they got wind of the city toffs tactic to hit the starting line abreast,
On a signal from their master the Shire Boys gathered quickly - as a mongrel pack can do,
And hit the line together without fear in any crew.
The squall rode into the port on mountainous storm-surged swells,

The gusts tipped 60 knots and visibility nil,
The crunch was heard across the shire as six craft and crew went down before they reached the line
On every jibe on the every leg barnacled hulls ripped though steel and ‘glass as if they were silk,
At every marker rounded booms swung free - sweeping crews to their maker and yachts off in glee;
The contest was so terrific that ere half the course was sailed,
A spectator’s leg was broken – just from looking on.
For they waddied one another till the course was strewn with the dead,
While the score was kept so even that neither got ahead;
And when the Gentleman’s master, with protest flag flying, sank again, this time to die,
He was their last surviving skipper – so the contest was called a tie.

Then the Master of the Shire Clubs raised himself slowly from the deck,
Though his wounds were mostly mortal, yet he fiercely looked around;
There was no one to oppose him – for all the rest were in a trance,
So he scrambled to the wheel for his last expiring chance,
For he meant to make an effort to get victory for the Shire;
So he went for the finishing buoy – and struck it – then tumbled off and died.

By the shore of Gunnamatta Bay, where the breezes shake the grass,
There’s a row of little gravestones that sailors never pass,
For they bear a crude inscription saying, ‘Stranger, drop a tear,
For the City Toffs and the Shire boys lie in protest here.’
And on misty moonlight evenings when squalls lurk in the east,
You can see their silhouettes flitting down the windward reach,
You can hear the loud collisions as the flying hulls meet
And the whine of straining winches and the rush of wind and sleet,
Till the terrified spectator rides like blazes to the pub -
He’s been haunted by the spectres of the Shire Sailing Clubs. (Tony)
Yachts attending: Possible Dream, L'attitude, Reflections III, MIGALOO, MaJiKaL, Sweet Chariot, Chinook, Jelly Beans, Mackay Marine, Aeolus, The Crow, Hands Off, Sirocco, Seeka, Silver Spirit, San Pan