Completed Events 2013
Novice Skippers Day (Estuary Classic) and Sailing/Cruising Division Christmas function
Saturday 21st December 2013
This event is styled on the Broadwater Classic concept with the event combined with the sailing division.
As we do up river, we will have a race tailored to the conditions with activities ashore following the race.
Unfortunately, we had strong Southerly winds on the day and decided to cancel the race at 2pm. However, the race was conducted and placing's were decided by the throwing of coins.
The BBQ went of successfully under the direction of Splinter, and about 70 enjoyed the food and prizes.
 Course: Estuary Twilight course.
Timed Start from 2pm: Entries and times below.
Entry: Please email by clicking here. Give details of numbers, Skippers name and any children attending or SMS details to 0418 253 479.
Entry Fee: $10.00 per Head (over 18) to be donated to CSC Support and Rescue Boats and collected at BBQ from Skippers for their crew.
Conditions: The novice skipper or skippers must be in control of the rudder at all times and must not have won a race previously.
Venue: The lawn area at the RMYC from 4-6pm.
Prizes: A presentation will be held after with lots of prizes.
BBQ: The RMYC Sailing Division will provide all competitors with a sausage sizzle with our compliments.
Drinks: Are available from the bar.
More detail? Please press button    Novice Skippers Start times and Results
Can't make it this time: Grace O'Malley, Sea Hawk, Chinook, Rhumbline, Sea Change, Lotus, Color TIle, Banshee, Soleil

Audley Weekend
Thursday  5/12/2013 to Sunday 8/12/2013
High tide: 11:20am 1.81
This is an event where yachts can choose when to come and leave as they wish but subject to tide.
However, we will organise a big BBQ diner at the Audley pavilion on the Saturday night.
We expect the tables to be suitably decorated, and would welcome a small act or contribution from each table.
Boats should make their way to Pool Flats and anchor stern it as per the photo. Do not tie up to trees.
There will be some form of entertainment provided by willing volunteers, and no doubt cricket or boule on the grassy area by the boats.
There is plenty to do whilst at this beautiful location including walking, rowing and dining at the excellent restaurant now under the old dance hall.

Thanks John, Once again we gathered at Audley for the Annual Christmas Celebrations, although the numbers were a little down there were still 7 boats and we had an absolutely GREAT time.
The weather was kind to us and the night festivities were really good fun. We played games, decorated the tables, heard poems and were awarded prizes for almost everything.
We welcomed a new family to the club with Chris and Charlie and their two girls Tessa and Harry on Secret Water.
Thanks to John Barter for organizing this event a big thank you to Margaret Barter who was the entertainment Manager a job really well done.
Thanks to all of us who went up the river and enjoyed ourselves. Libby
Boats Interested: L'attitude (Fixed), Sea Change guest appearance), Possible Dream, Secret Water (Chris Jones) Migaloo, Seeka, Sweet Chariot, Esprit
Can't make it this time: Eureka, The Griffin (Queensland), Lotus, Lorita Maria, Endless Summer, Galia, Indulgence, Lotus, Caloola, Sea Hawk, Soleil, Comin' Thru, J-Force (Big boat cruise), Seeka, Aeolus, Lotus, Rhumbline (5th to Saturday 7th), Kickback, Pied Piper,Korvanton (Maybe), Chinook, Macqurat Marine (dunno), Everitts (Land Yacht), Mellings (Land Yacht)

International Fleet Review
3-11 October 2013 (October Long Weekend)
See here for more details:
Suggest Leave Port Hacking Thursday 3rd October for the Harbour and return by Tuesday 8th October to fit in with racing program.
The best plan will be to make our own way to the Harbour based on weather and personal circumstances. A list of boats interested is shown (under) and we can make contact via mobile phone to organise meeting on the harbour or overnight arrangements.

The current plan will see RAN and visiting warships rendezvousing in Jervis Bay, NSW by 2 October 2013 to conduct final preparations and briefings.
The formal aspects of the IFR will commence with all tall ships entering Sydney Harbour on Thursday 3 October 2013 and all warships entering on Friday 4 October 2013 - exactly 100 years after the first RAN Fleet entry.

The Ceremonial Review will take place on Saturday 5 October 2013.
The Review will include a moving line of seven RAN ships to further symbolise the 1913 entry. The day's events are also likely to feature formation fly-pasts by fixed and rotary wing aircraft, naval displays and demonstrations, naval gun salutes, dragon boat races and naval band performances, and will culminate in a spectacular evening pyrotechnics and light show on the harbour.
Yachts Interested: L'attitude (maybe), Pied Piper, Migaloo, Seeka, Sweet Chariot  
Can't make it this time: Possible Dream, Kick Back, Aeolus  

Whale Watch and Wattamolla Cruise
Sunday 7th July subject to weather
Currently ON for 7th July - Weather looks good
As in the past (See completed events) we will muster off Jibbon beach at 11am.
A call will be made 3 days prior to the above dates to advise whether suitable to go and which activity.
All being well buoys will be laid to guide yacht into Wattamolla.
New boats will be paired with an experienced yacht and all yachts entering must listen on VHF 73 for instructions.
Reports follow;
Sunday 7th July, only a few of us ventured to Wattamolla but what an absolutely glorious day and those unable to attend missed a great day.
The sky was blue with no clouds, the sun shone, the seas were slight and the whales were everywhere.
We had 15 sightings on Possible Dream, admittedly some would have been the same whales but wow they are surely heading North.
Two very cheeky whales were within 15 meters of our boat as we negotiated the Southern reef into Wattamolla, we thought maybe they were coming in to join the party.
Four boats were there, L'attitude, Possible Dream, First Light and Pied Piper, and also Korvanton with the Crocker family on board, they had their fishing lines out and actually caught a fish, however, it needed to be returned to the ocean.
There were no shore games but each boat partied on and a GREAT time was had by one and all.
We all left for home at about 2.45 and had a very calm motor sail home and again witnessed whales although quite a distance away.
Once again a most enjoyable day. Thanks John B “The Master” Libby and Ken
Click here for slide show
Yachts Interested (8): L'attitude + Kick Back + Moring Mist + Seeka, Possible Dream + Sunflower + Imogen,Pied Piper, Korvanton, First Light.
Can't make it this time: Eureka, Hands Off, Soleil, Migaloo, Chasseur, Aeolus, Indulgence 21st, Chinook 21st, Sweet Chariot 21st, Jared, Sea Change, Comin' Thru, Endless Summer Rhumb Line, Caloola

Lighting of the sails
May 24 to June 10, 2013
L'attitude made the trip on two occasions (by land yacht).
Suggest we plan to leave on Thursday 6th June and return on Tuesday 11th June (Between Wednesdays over the June Long weekend). Maybe we could base ourselves at the CYC?
See more by clicking here.
Click above for more
Yachts Interested; L'attitude

 Anzac Day
25th April 2013 at the Broadwater Yacht Club

See Broadwater tab for details - Start time EST 1100
A BBQ and Picnic will be available after the race. Please bring folding chairs if possible.
Street address: Corner of Wareemba Place and Turriell Bay road, use inclinator to boatshed.
 This year the theme will be your choice, but we hope to hear some moving Anzac stories.
It could be a poem, it could be a story, It could be good old Australian food prepared in the Anzac way.
 There is bound to be a few rounds of two up sometime during the day.
As well as the bottle entry for the Broadwater Classic, a bottle will be required from each couple not participating with a presentation.

The best performances will receive a prize (guess what)?
For more information on Gallipoli see;

Please click here for a contribution from Ross H.
At last click icon below for videos from Don
Anzac2 Anzac1
Race Results;
1st Possible Dream, 2nd Hands Off, 3rd L'attitude, 4th Chinook, 5th Caloola, 6th Shortfaced, 7th Pied Piper, 8th First Light and 9th Reflections.

Event Reports;
This Anzac Day we were blessed with absolutely glorious sunshine, clear blue skies and (unfortunately) very little wind.
9 Yachts entered the Broad Water Classic and attempted to sail the course, with so little wind it was a very slow and at times a very frustrating race.
Every yacht, at sometime, was totally becalmed.
The sailors then went ashore to meet with the Land sailors and proceeded to enjoy food of all sorts, which we was washed down with Ice Cold Beer, White and Red Wine and lots of good cheer.
Poems, songs and stories were told and of course Anzac Day would not be Anzac Day without the game of “Two Up”.
Once again we have to thank John and Margaret Barter for opening up their waterfront to all of us and to John for organizing yet “Another Very Successful” get together. Thanks Libby and Ken

Yachts attending (Start Time):
L'attitude (11:35), Possible Dream (11:21), Reflections (11:19), Eureka (11:32), Shortfaced J24 (11:22)
Chinook (11:20), First Light (11:18), Caloola (11:30), The Crow (11:24), Hands Off (11:33), Sea Change (11:15), Pied Piper (11:14)
Not racing - Kickback, Hagar, Sweet Talker, Seeka, Morning Mist
Can't make it this time: Migaloo, Chasseur, MaJiKaL, Panama Jack, Endless Summer, Rhumb Line, Sweet Chariot, Soleil
Boatshed Café – La Perouse
Saturday 30th March - Easter Weekend is ON The Boatshed Cafe has been booked for lunch.
The idea is to plan your arrival at La Perouse for 12:30pm.
The tables are currently booked for 49 guests at 1pm.

I expect light winds up and back. If you don’t sail/motor up use your land yachts. The Boatshed Cafe is fully licensed - It is not a BYO.

It will be a 3 course fixed menu with choices costing $55.00 per person.
Please pay me or show me your receipt if paying directly.
The drinks can be purchased and paid for as you go.

We will overnight at a location to be decided over lunch, and hopefully share a suitable breakfast in good time on Sunday morning.

The forecast for Saturday is for a light westerly before a change to the NE.
With a light southerly forecast for Sunday, it may be a good idea to return to the Port after Luncheon, but this will be discussed over lunch.
Event Reports;
In glorious sunshine, but little wind 9 boats left Port Hacking heading for Botany Bay.
It was mainly a motor sail and once all at anchor, the flotilla of “Rubber Duckies” headed for the Boat Shed Restaurant.
Here 49 sailors united for an extremely nice luncheon. Three courses and a few Red’s, Whites and Beer later we all parted, the sea sailors back to their vessels and the land yachts heading for the highway.
With a light north/easterly we sailed home and deciding that we had, had such a GREAT day we all headed for our moorings and our land homes.
Once again an amazing day thanks to The Master. Libby

Hi Master,/Many thanks for another magic Lunch Cruise to the Boatshed cafe. Attached are some shotz of the cruise home. Cheers, Luppo's

Boats Interested (49); Esprit/Color Tile (8), Possible Dream (2), L'attitude (6),  Hands Off (4), Reflections (2), Rhumbline (2),
Eureka (2), Chinook (2), Waugh Ship (7), Sweet Talker (2), Sweet Chariot (2), Korvanton (2), Pied Piper (6), Soliel (2)
Can't make it this time; Endless Summer, Excentric, Migaloo, Panama Jack, Aeolus
Australia Day + 2 Broadwater Classic
Monday, 28th January 2013
Due to weather the race was cancelled.
However, the BBQ was on around 1pm for those that braved the weather to come for the BBQ and hear the poems and stories.
Flying Parrots
 2013 - Theme The Australian yarn
This year we will again perform the typical Australian yarn.
It could be a poem, but ideally a spun yarn told by yourself or played.
If you have a yarn on tape or CD let me have it in advance so it can be played over the sound system.
If you need help see me (I have plenty on tape for you to choose from).
It needs to be a good Australian yarn - one that takes your fancy and one with a twist.
As well as the bottle entry for the Broadwater Classic, a bottle will be required from each couple not spinning an Australian yarn.

Event Reports:
The rain persisted but we managed to seat all around 3 tables under the cover of the folding arm awning. Click here for pictures
The Mistress baked damper in the fuel oven, and everyone managed to cook on the BBQ.
Once lunch settled the stories flowed.

First we had Kevin read the History of Australia according to Hagar.
Hi John, Thanks for a great day. Sweettalker

Hi Bartergal Master, Copy of mystical reading as requested. Hope no one is offended, if so so I will refer all complaints and libel matters to the Master. Thanks for the great day and BBQ at the Broadwater Yacht Club.
Managed to get thoroughly wet inside and outside May your hull never leak Peter and Lesley
Then Leslie read a story by Tony on Ancient History and Traditions dating back to 1013.

Alistair and Alison gave their stories which can be found here......

Ian and Margaret reminisced with their poems of Horses and Carts plus A cup of coffee.

John and Margaret, Thanks once again for a great day.
Whether the weather be fine, Or whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold, Or whether the weather be hot.
We’ll weather the weather, Whatever the whether, Whether we like it or not. AND WE DID. Libby and Ken

Thanks for another great day John and Margaret Rhonda and Ian. Click here for our Poem, Ian provided most of the pictures.

This was finished with scones, jam and cream fresh from the oven. Click here for recipe.

Yachts Interested (15); Possible Dream, L'attitude, Chinook, Sweet Talker, Sea Change, Imogen, Sunflower Sweet Chariot

Can't make it this time; MaJiKaL, Rhumb Line, First Light, Korvanton, Apprentice, Rod Tyrrell, Russell Barnes, Panama Jack, Eureka (4),Reflections, Migaloo, The Crow, Aeolus, Witchdoctor