Completed Events 2014
Audley Weekend - moved to a BBQ at Kirrawee
6th December 2014 - Please phone 0418 253 479 for details

The heat during the day would have made it uncomfortable at Audley then the storms came as predicted soon after we sat down to eat, and it didn't let up. We were very fortunate to be under cover in the Melling's beautiful setting amongst exotic plants.

Report from Possible Dream.
Unfortunately the Audley Christmas Gathering had to be relocated due to the inclement weather.

Paul and Cheryl Melling offered their home and so a small group sailed our land yachts to Yowie Bay.

Thank you Cheryl and Paul for a great evening, we experienced Storm and Tempest, Smoke and Fire and we all had a Smashing Good Time.

Paul and Rod, together with their guitars, helped us struggle through a few Christmas Carols before serenading us with something a little more Up Beat.

Paul and Cheryl also arranged for a plant, of the cactus family, which only flowers once a year and only for a few hours, to make this particular night “The Night”.

A great night was had by all Thanks Master for arranging it.

Good News: The crew of Freedom will offer their support to the Master and register to attend the Christmas gathering at Audly, the band will also be accompanying. Cheers Paul and Cheryl.

Interested (10): Possible Dream, L'attitude, Freedom, Sweet Charity, Heroshoff
Couldn't make it this time: Rhumb Line, Chinook, Chaseaur, Patrice, Mica, Indulgence, Sea Change, Endless Summer, Eureka, Hands Off

 Wattamolla Cruise
August 9th 16th or 23rd Subject to weather.

Sailed 9-Aug-2014
This is very subject to weather so several dates have been given.
It will be a matter of deciding on the Wednesday before and going at short notice.
Hopefully we will be successful this year because Wattamolla is a special location when the conditions are good.

We will muster at Jibbon around 1100 and leave as a group to sail or motor the 4 nautical miles south. New yachts will be allocated an experience yacht to guide into the inner anchorage.

All yachts should listening on VHF73 for instructions and be directed to anchor positions.

Yachts Interested (5): Hands Off (9th and 16th), Eureka, L'attitude, Mica (Except 16th), Sweet Chariot
Can't make it this time: Seeka, Kickback, Rhumb Line, Chinook, Lolita Maria, Endless Summer, Freedom, Aeolus, Shalamar III

Boatshed Café – La Perouse
Saturday 7th June - June Long Weekend
The idea was to plan your arrival at La Perouse for 12:30pm.

Due to unfavourable weather most Trim's arrived by their land yachts, however, Eureka and Sweet Chariot with their intrepid sailors braved the conditions.

We had 30 seated by 1300.

The Boatshed Cafe is fully licensed - It is not a BYO.

It was a 3 course fixed menu with choices costing $60/person.
The drinks are purchased and paid for as you go.

The Boatshed had a list of our booking, when paying for meals ensure you will be maked off on this list.
I'm pleased to say all were paid for without any problems of accounting.

The meals and company were exellent. We had a bit of fun with some yachting sayings.

Although Windy the rain stayed away and the view from the Boatshed is still as beautiful as ever.
The Master explained the rules of the afternoon and Lashings were to be given to any one who was disobedient.
The Master was the Judge and Jury and as no one disobeyed no Lashings were required.
With Good Wine, Beer, Words of Wisdom for Yachts and even a Songster we managed to pass the afternoon before boarding our Land Yachts for the return Voyage.
The Intrepid Captains and Crew of Eureka and Sweet Chariot also set sail for their Sea Voyage home.

Thanks John for a great day, Libby
Boats Attending (30); L'attitude (2), Freedom (2), Rhumbline (2), Water Dancer (2), Eureka (2), Kickback (3), Reflections, (5),
Possible Dream (3), Sweet Chariot (4), MICA (4), Sweet Talker (1).

Can't make it this time; Migaloo, Korvanton, Chinook, Caloola, Jared, Kiterunner, Aeolus, Impulsive, Indulgence, Endless Summer,
Clarkes, Lewises, Seeka, First Light, Shalamar lll, Sea Change
 Anzac Day
Friday 25th April 2014 at the Broadwater Yacht Club

Race called off due to heavy rain.
A BBQ and Picnic was held in the rain.
This year the theme will again be your choice, but we hope to hear some moving Anzac stories. It could be a poem, it could be a story, It could be good old Australian food prepared in the Anzac way.
  There is bound to be a few rounds of two up sometime during the day.
As well as the bottle entry for the Broadwater Classic, a bottle will be required from each couple not participating with a presentation.
The best performances will receive a prize?
For more information on Gallipoli see;
We did have many good stories and those present enjoyed the afternoon.
Click here for a contribution from Ross H 'A poem from Jim Brown". Poem read by Ian Coles

Report from Libby
The Master had a hard decision to make on the morning of Anzac Day. Dawn Broke and so did the heavens letting down buckets of water but also no wind. This did not make for comfortable Broad Water Racing.
Finally the decision was made to cancel the race but continue with the BBQ.
What a good decision as it rained all morning not letting up until mid afternoon.
There were about 20 keen BBQers and we were taken back in time with some extremely interesting readings from Ian Coles, Alistair Rowe, Ken Teiffel and Jenni and Kevin Everett.
Everyone managed to consume some good Aussie Fair cooked on the BBQ and followed by the traditional Anzac Biscuites and good Aussie Pavlova and of course the occasional Red Wine or Beer. As the afternoon progressed the sun finally appeared and a slight breeze came up and as the Sun Set in the West another Anzac Day of Remembrance drew to a close.
Yachts attending (Start Time): L'attitude, Possible Dream, Kickback maybe, Sweet Chariot, Reflections, Sweet Talker
Can't make it this time: Endless Summer, Chinook, First Light, Debbie & Ivor - Shalamar lll, The Crow, Aeolus, Freedom (4), Shortfaced J24, Pied Piper, Migaloo, Eureka, Impulsive, Sea Change, Color Tile
Cruising Talk in the Restaurant at RMYC
Tuesday 1st April commencing 6pm
Get the wind in your hair with Debbie Cockle

We will meet for drinks after 5:30 and commence the talk at 6 pm and finish by 7 pm (details to be confirmed).
The Aloft Dining will be available for those wishing to continue discussions over dinner.
Interested (42): L'attitude (2), Migaloo (2), Possible Dream (4), Sweet Talkers (2), Rhumb Line (4), Sea Change (2), David and Alison (3), Jared (1), Eureka (2), Kickback (1), Indulgence (1), Reflections (4), Endless Summer (4), Karma Wins (2), Lorita Maria (1), J-Force (2), Debbie and Ivor (Shalamarar lll), Imogen (1), Color TIle (2)
Can't make it this time: Chinook, Excentric, Sunflower, Iain Kerr, Soliel, Caloola
Cruising Talk in the Restaurant at RMYC
Tuesday 4th March commencing 6pm
Paul and Barry gave us an account of their recent Atlantic crossing delivering Barry's Catamaran from Europe to the Caribbean.
Many thanks to Paul and Barry for an informative and entertaining presentation.
We had a large attendance of between 40-50 members.

Interested (47)
: Rhumb Line (4), L'attitude (2), Possible Dream (2), Indulgence Dave Waples (2), Alison and David (2), Migaloo (2), Almeira (Philip Perdikaris), Juggernaut (2), Sea Change (2), Kev and Jeni (2), Karma Wins (Barry Sanders and Carol Murray), Freedom (2), Lorita Maria (Greg), Rod Tyrrell (4), Lotus-Peter Coupe (1), Sweet Chariot (4), Chinook (2), Bill Gawne (2), Aeolus (4), The Griffin (2), J-Force (2)
Can't make it this time: Galatea-M, Kickback, Endless Summer, Eureka, Soleil, Color Tile, Korvanton, Seeka
Australia Day + Broadwater Classic
Sunday, 26th January 2014 Flying Parrots
Please reply with your interest?
 Broadwater Classic start from 12:00 (See Broadwater for Starting Times)
Theme over lunch/BBQ: The Australian yarn

This year we again all performed in fine style.
We had poetry, Australian yarns and song.

The Australia Day band performed by playing some great Australian songs that we all join in fine voice.
The afternoon was started with us all singing Waltzing Matilda followed by a new song composed by the band.
Click here for the words.
Many Thanks from the Master to the Musicians for their excellent work, especially the 'House of the Rising Boat'

Broadwater Classic Places  
1st-First Light 2nd-Eureka 3rd-Freedom 4th-Pied Piper 5th-Sea Change 6th-Reflections 7th-Galatea-M DNF 8th-L'attitude DNC
Your comments welcomed;
Hello Master, A big thanks to you and Margaret for a great day yesterday. All on Eureka enjoyed the post race entertainment and celebrating all that is good about being an Australian. Cheers Kev & Elaine Eureka

Dear John and Margaret, We had a great time, thank you for hosting your Australia Day BBQ yesterday. Ian and Margaret.

Thank you to all who came and in particular to the many participants. Unfortunately we ran out of time for all the contributions. The Master

Yachts Attending (14)
; L'attitude, First Light, Kickback, Freedom + 6 incl band, Eureka, Sea Change, Sweet Talker, Sweet Chariot, Reflections, Imogen, Pied Piper, Seeka + Reg, Galatea-M, Hands Off
Couldn't make it this time; Possible Dream, Aquilo, Rhumb Line, Chinook, Endless Summer, Soliel, Korvanton, Migaloo, Secret Water, Indulgence,