Completed Events
Novice Skippers Day
December 19th 2015 at the RMYC
Fourteen boats started in a light North easterly breeze.

BBQ after was organised by Splinter (Kevin Swadling) and 60 participated on the front lawn of the RMYC.
Presentation by Mike Wolf
1st Axion (), 2nd Migaloo (Maree Ovens), 3rd YKNOT (Marty Janes)

 Anzac Day
Saturday 25th April 2015 at the Broadwater Yacht Club

Broadwater Classic Race started at 1130.
This year the theme will again be your choice, but we hope to hear some moving Anzac stories. It could be a poem, it could be a story, It could be good old Australian food prepared in the Anzac way.
It may also be some stories in song from the Broadwater band.
  The wind was light but a beautiful day as six yachts faced the starter. Can you see 3 yachts to the right?
Unfortunately their time limit was up at 1300 and no yachts actually finished so the result was decided by a game of twoup using genuine pennies provided by Gus.
The final winner was the spinner?
The weather remained perfect as the BBQ ran and we all partook of ANZAC influenced lunch. Then came the tales.
This year we had some exceptional true family stories that had not only the storytellers in tears but the audience alike.
Everyone appreaciated the effort and the reseach that went into the presentations and then the band arrived from first light. How good was this. There were prepared song sheets and mass guitars that sang with the audience joinning in to complete the day.
At pretty much the end of the day there were signs of a storm, so some boats left early but also had to return to catch the tender. Those remaining just had enough time to gather their belongings and return to their land yacht in time for the deluge that came.
Report from Possible Dream
After a number of days of horrible winds and lots of rain the day dawned with glorious sunshine.
This was very welcomed, however, there was little wind on the water for the Broad Water Classic. 6 boats competed but not too many actually finished and at times they looked like they were going nowhere but it was fun and the sun continued to shine.
More land yachts arrived and the Broad Water Yacht Club was overflowing. Many a tale was told until the Band arrived, we all sang Waltzing Matilda with Gusto until the skies became very gray and it was decided that those who had come by water would be wise to leave and so our wonderful day came to an end.
We all managed to pack up and leave before the heavy rain came. We all thank Margaret and John for opening up their premises for a most enjoyable time. (Libby)
Yachts attending (13): L'attitude, Possible Dream, Pied Piper, First Light, Kev and Jeni (land yacht), Reflections, Hands Off, Chinook, Free Spirit, Eureka (land Yacht), Sweet Chariot, Ex-Yebisu (Geoff land yacht), Ex-Witchdoctor (Geoff land yacht)
Can't make it this time: Migaloo, Endless Summer, Impulsive, Mica, Kickback, Kiterunner, Clarkes, Somedays, Chasseur, Sea Change, Rhumb Line, Lorita maria, Seeka, Sirocco