Completed Events
 Anzac Day
25th April 2018 at the Broadwater Yacht Club

See Broadwater tab for details - Start time EST 1100
A BBQ and Picnic will be available after the race. Please bring folding chairs, (and tables if possible).
Street address: Corner of Wareemba Place and Turriell Bay road, use inclinator to boatshed.
 This year the theme will be your choice, but we hope to hear some moving Anzac stories.
It could be a poem, it could be a story, It could be good old Australian food prepared in the Anzac way.
 There is bound to be a few rounds of two up sometime during the day.
As well as the bottle entry for the Broadwater Classic, a bottle will be required from each couple not participating with a presentation.

The best performances will receive a prize (guess what)?
For more information on Gallipoli see;

Please click here for a contribution from Ross H.

Please see Australia Day below for course and channels to the broadwater.
The address for land yachts; Cr Turriel Bay Road and Wareemba Street Lilli Pilli. Take track or inclinator to water. Phone: 0418 253 479.

Yacht Skipper Start Time   Place
Majella David Cartmer 11:00   DNC
Possible Dream Ken Teiffel 11:05   1
Inception Andy Chilton 11:06   2
Defiance Kylie Short/Nikki Crowe (Yowie Bay Marina Syndicate) 11:07   6
Sweet Chariot Alistair Rowe/Ian Gibbs 11:08   4
Mangrove Jack Nick Wilson/Bret Parr 11:11   5
L'attitude John Barter 11:17   3

Mica, Eureka, Kite-runner, Endless Summer, Impulsive, Pied Piper, Axiom, Aeolus, Soleil, Steadfast, Rhumb Line.

Click thumbnails below for larger view.
What a fantastic band, many thanks again and to all the contributions from the floor.
Hi John, Thanks soooo much for the hospitality!!! Great day!!! We enjoyed it immensely.
Catch you on the next one, Matt, Kylie, Nikki, Chris and Olivia. Team defiance, 1972 Sparkman and Stephens design built by my father.
We are going to restore her and hopefully join in with your fun!!! (3 generations on 4th generation built boat)
Novice Skippers race on Australia Day
26-January-2018 on the Broadwater with picnic lunch/BBQ after.

Sail No Boat Tables Chairs Novice Party Number/Reply Start Place
7185 Macgregor 0 2 Maddie 2 for BBQ 12:00 10
2758 Pied Piper 0 5 Emma/Clarissa 7 for BBQ 12:09 9
7171 Possible Dream 10 10 Ian Cole 10 for BBQ 12:14 DNC
6480 Eureka 0 6 Bernie Flynn 6 for BBQ 12:17 2
2634 Fun 0 0 John Spencer 0 not staying for BBQ 12:18 DNF
  Kickback 0 2 Lois/Bron 3 for BBQ 12:17 8
6940 Inception 6 6 Steve 8 for BBQ + LDL band 12:19 6
177 Chinook 4 4 Tony Parker 4 for BBQ 12:19 7
8128 Mangrove Jack 0 0 Janelle 4-6 Nick Wilson's party 12:21 1
409 Axiom 0 6 Elizabeth 6 for BBQ? 12:24 4
717 L'attitude 38 17 Tim Dodds 8 for BBQ 12:25 5
7076 Yknot 8 8 Gary Fielder 8 for BBQ 12:30 3
  Totals 66 66   66 + 4=70    
Can't make it this time; Sea Ya, Mica and Endless Summer
Channels to the Broadwater - Click images above for larger view.
Broadwater Classic Course (extract).
Handbook Page 66.
  1. The start time is 12 noon..
  2. The course consists of two triangles and a sausage.
  3. The start/finish line is formed by the moorings of Shaya Moya and Possible Dream (PD).
  4. The second yellow buoy will be to the west in the vicinity of Farnell Bight.
  5. The third mark is the blue police mooring near the Lilli Pilli baths.
  6. From the start sail west to the mark at Farnell Bight (p), then to the police Buoy (p) at Lilli Pilli baths then to the start mark (p) (PD mooring).
  7. Then complete a second triangle.
  8. The last leg is from the start mark to the Farnell buoy (p) then directly to finish line crossing from west to east.

SMS to 0418 253 479 with your interest, skippers name and number for the BBQ.

One bottle of wine (to be used as prizes)

After the Race.
Some chairs and tables will be provided, but please help by providing your own if possible.
BBQ provided to do your cooking.
Prizes will follow for the place getters and story tellers.

Street Address (for land yachts)
1 Wareemba Place, Lilli Pilli
corner of Turriell Bay Road

Australian Theme
We would like you to choose a theme.
It could be;
Decoration of your boat?
Poetry presented after the picnic?
Australian yarns?
Australia day personal stories?
Australian food (prepared on the day)

We will provide facilities to moor boats subject to weather.

here for mooring plan.

There will be enough water for boats of up to 2m draft to come and go at any time.

Mooring after the race
Please standby to allow L'attitude to be lifted out. You will then be directed to a yacht to raft off, a mooring or a position on a pontoon.

A tender will be running to get people from their boats to shore and back again.

Comments from the day
OH My you have done it again, John What a GREAT Day.
Thank You to John and Margaret for opening up their Broadwater Yacht Club to over 60 people. The Yacht race was “slow” but a magnificent sight from the shore. The land entertainment was the BEST so thank-you to all of you who participated and EXTRA Special thanks to the BAND which made the afternoon so enjoyable. From the Captain and Crew of Possible Dream.
The Band
Consisted of 3 guitar players, Andy Chilton, Steve Chilton and Brian Etherington also the singer and at short notice Dave crew on Inception.
We appreciate the band breaking a busy schedule playing at many charity outings including the Woolooware Shores retirement village, and a number of gigs at The Southern Antique Centre at Kogarah. The band was the glue that brought it all together.
Libby Teiffel produced the song sheets which made sure everybody could join the singing, and how we did?
We had many performances from the audience ranging from stories, poems, trivia, songs and a well considered contribution from Tony Parker.
When you (click here) on the pictures above, you can see a broad smiles on all the faces, so I suppose we did well?
Many thanks, to all that helped with chairs and tables and I have to say followed the mooring instructions.
I estimate that we had in excess of 70 attending.
The Master (retired)
SMS - Hi John, just wanted to say thanks again to you and Margaret for a great Australia Day .
We really appreciate all the trouble you went to and we had a great time. David (and all the YKNOT crew).
SMS - Thank you John for arranging a great day for us all, and please pass on our thanks to Margaret also. There is a very nice spirit within the sailing division and we are enjoying getting to know everyone. David and Mary Cartmer.
email - Dear John Thanks once again for hosting the club members Australia Day gathering. As with your organisation of the Sailing Comps it could not be bettered. Regards Tony Parker
Any more?