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The RMYC Port Hacking manages a number of courtesy moorings for the use of our members throughout the Port Hacking. Members are entitled to the exclusive use of our moorings at Jibbon and Darke Bay and shared use of the moorings at South West Arm and Gooseberry Bay. While a member may request any non-member to vacate any of the moorings at Jibbon or Darke Bay, good manners and common sense should prevail, only making such a request if the area is crowded. Your RMYC Port Hacking burgee should always be flown.

To see if a boat is a registered RMYC Port Hacking member, simply enter the boat registration or boat name into the search bar below. Please note: this database relies on members providing up-to-date information regarding their boat/s

For any enquiries, you can contact our team on 9523 9300.

Our Mooring Locations

Jibbon Beach (Bundeena)CL5493.1
Jibbon Beach (Bundeena)CL5493.2
Jibbon Beach (Bundeena)CL5493.3
Jibbon Beach (Bundeena)CL5493.4
Darkes BayCL2524
South West ArmSW1
South West ArmSW2
South West ArmSW3
South West ArmSW4
South West ArmSW5
South West ArmGooseberry Bay