Bookings & Reservations

At RMYC – Port Hacking we love being a part of all your special celebrations – birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, Christmas, baby showers – all of them.

But, like you, we need a bit of prep time – time to ensure that our venue is ready for your decorations to go up, time to ensure the food and drinks you require are ready when you are, time to ensure we have enough staff to help your celebration go off with a bang.

For this reason, please read the info below so you know the type of booking or reservation to make at your club.



  • What is a bistro booking?
    A booking at Yachties Bistro is simply reserving a table in our bistro. Our online booking system, Quandoo, is able to accept booking for up to 14 guests. If you try and book for higher number you will receive an email asking you to contact the club directly. You can do this via email or phone and our friendly team will help with your booking.

    Please note that we do not take bookings for tables outside, nor do we allow decorations outside.


  • What is a group booking?
    This is when your  booking is for a large number of guests and includes decorations and/or a present or cake table. A group booking does not provide you with a private or exclusive space.

    Group bookings cost $3 per person and is payable at the time of your booking. This cost is to cover the staff time to set up and clean up as well as additional tables and space required for your celebration. An appropriately sized area can be roped off for your guests and tables reserved and set up ready for your arrival.

    Please note that group bookings cannot be made in the restaurant area of the club – these tables are held for members and their guests dining at Yachties Bistro.


    Contact us today to learn more.