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Next Races
Wednesday Twilight

Race 14 of season; 17-Jan-2018
Pursuit Start: 1800

Short Haul
- 4-Febuary-2018
Course: Bate Bay Passage
Start: 1330

Non-Spinnaker - 4-February- 2018
Course: Bate Bay Passage
Pursuit Start: 1330
Duty Skipper
Sunday 4-February-2018
Warwick Taylor - Airstream
The club has been booked from 4pm each Sunday race day for a presentation for both the Spinnaker and the non-spinnaker division.
Please let your crew know to ensure we have good rollups after each race.
Novice Skippers Race
To be run on 26-Jan-2018 on Australia Day in the Broadwater followed by a BBQ and "gathered" entertainment. Land yachts also welcomed. Please SMS 0418 253 479 with a "Yes and details" for your interest or "No" can't attend.
Click here for details.

Crew Placement
Please contact Kevin Travis (0408227185) for help in finding or placing crew.
See here for list of crew wishing to sail or to be placed on the list.

Twilight Dinner Orders
Due to the later returning from racing, skippers and crews are asked to assist the catering by ordering as soon as possible after reaching the club.

Cronulla Sailing Club is hosting the Navigators cup.
Click here for CSC web details.

This, the 20th running of the Navigators Cup, is a special offshore race commemorating Australia's historical sailing links with Botany Bay - our first port.
It celebrates the outstanding achievements of those great navigators, Lieutenant James Cook and Le Compte Jean-Francois Galaup de La Perouse, both of whose remarkable explorations and navigational feats around the oceans of the world are epic sagas, and Captain Arthur Phillip who brought out the First Fleet in 1788.
All three and their ships entered Botany Bay.
La Perouse and Phillip, coincidently were there at the same time. Click below for full details.
Australia Day Regatta Navigators Cup Entry
Cronulla Sailing Club Australia Day Regatta- NOR
CSC Australia Day Regatta- Sailing Instructions
CREW ELIGIBILITY (Extract from handbook)
Any crew member who sails in more than 3 races in a season shall be a member of a Club affiliated to Australian Sailing and an Australian Sailing card holder (SIN).
Skippers, it's your responsibility to ensure your crew have a (SIN). To check the Sailing Division records click here.
To view progress of Skippers crew list click here.
Update your crew details by SMS to 0418 253 479.
Please act now to be eligible for a series and prizes.
To join online as new crew now ($65.00) click here.
Join as sailing division crew and SIN ($58.30) click here.
Or join and pay at front desk $65.00 + $58.30 = $123.30.
Yachts Complying;
To view your status click here
Yachts "in the clear" are hi-lighted green.
Your co-operation will also benefit the sailing division.
Help; John Barter-0418253479

Our Objective: To run and administer yacht racing and to encourage cruising

The Real Goal: "The art of racing is not in winning. But in winning so the rest of the fleet are pleased you have won and the only way they can be pleased is for you to have shown not only better sailing than they, but also perfect sportsmanship." Uffa Fox.

The Great Dane: "You haven't won the race if in winning the race you have lost the respect of your competitors." Paul Elvstrom - May the four winds blow you safely home.