Latest COVID-19 announcement from your club

Our team is closely monitoring the advice from ClubsNSW and NSW Health with regard to the recent COVID-19 announcements. Please be advised that the Club is open and continuing to run business as usual. We will be implementing the appropriate health and safety measures including: All staff will be wearing masks All ... More

Helping children into the property market – make sure you get advice first

Media stories abound about the spiralling value of real estate, particularly in Sydney, and the pressures young people face in getting a foot hold into the market. Many of our clients are in a position to help their children into the property market but care and careful planning are needed if unintended financial ... More

What can I do? My elderly mum/dad has a new partner and I am worried they will be taken advantage of

This concern is often expressed to us by clients who have been assisting their parents to manage their financial and health affairs. A combination of factors has combined to heighten this concern and among them are: People are living longer; There is a greater acceptance of, and tendency to form, new romantic ... More

Debris flow from extreme weather event a risk to boaters even outside flood zones

Transport for NSW Media Release Tuesday, 23 March 2021   Fast moving and potentially deadly debris is flowing through large areas of the NSW river systems, prompting a call for all non-essential boating to cease until the current severe weather event passes. NSW Maritime Executive Director Andrew Mogg said ... More

Dine & Discover has just launched at the RMYC Port Hacking!

If you haven't heard the latest buzz, the NSW Government has begun sending out vouchers to be used at restaurants, clubs, entertainment and attractions across the state – including the RMYC Port Hacking Yachties Bistro! It's just another good reason to get out in the sunshine, take in a breath-taking view of the Port ... More

Dredging of the Port Hacking

Dredging of the Port Hacking’s main navigation channels set to begin and be completed by the end of the year. More

Dealing with online misconduct by an employee

Assume that you have a long serving full time employee who is off work and receiving worker’s compensation. More

Changes to our Covid Safe check-in procedure as of 1st January 2021

From 1 January 2021, it will be mandatory for all hospitality venues in NSW to use the NSW Government’s COVID Safe Check-in QR code to electronically register customer contact details. More

COVID-19 and the Law

This Christmas has thankfully seen an easing Australia wide of restrictions imposed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. More

The dangers of not making testamentary plans clear and in writing during your lifetime

A very recent case of Moore v Aubusson [2020] NSWSC 1446 illustrates the dangers of not making your testamentary plans clear and in writing during your lifetime. More