Expired Flare Disposal – Jan 18

Roads and Maritime is again running a program to help boaters dispose of expired flares, with mobile collections set up along the NSW coastline. Flares signal that you are in trouble and provide an exact location for searching aircraft or vessels. Most flares have a use-by date of three years and they must be ... More

Granny Flats & Your Children

WMD Law In recent years the use of so called "granny flats" has risen and a lot of discussion has taken place about the merits of providing accommodation for older or infirm relatives who aren't able to be fully self-reliant but are unwilling to lose the independence that comes with moving into institutionalised aged ... More

Moore Park Golf Club – Round 10

Final Golf Round for 2017 Round 10 of the RMYC Port Hacking Golf Club was played at the Moore Park Golf Club. The Thursday evening forecast for Friday’s final round of golf was 99% chance of rain with possible thunder storms. The Bureau of Meteorology got it wrong. Overcast, cloudy with patchy sunshine conditions ... More

Round 9, Beverley Park Golf Club

Round 9 of the RMYC Port Hacking Golf Club was played at the Beverley Park Golf Club, Kogarah. In showery, wet conditions 27 hardy golfers, assembled outside the Beverley Park pro-shop, iPhones in hand, checking the BoM weather radar. “Thunder storms and showers off the coast”. Top of the leaderboard, and firming ... More

Be smart about smart phone use

WMD Law Most of us use a smart phone and, if you are like me, you most often have it on you if you are out and about. This has led to an enormous increase in the amount of filming that takes place as well as the amount of publishing of such recordings through various social media platforms. The laws regarding privacy ... More

Be a good friend but think twice about loaning your car

WMD Law Most of us will have encountered a situation where we have loaned a car to or borrowed a car from a friend or relative. It is a good thing to help others out but you do need to think carefully before lending your car as there are potentially serious legal consequences for the owner of the car if a crime or traffic ... More

Forcing the Issue

WMD Law I have been an accredited specialist in Family Law for the last 25 years and have practiced extensively in Family Law for 35 years. One of the most common utterances I hear in parenting disputes is "I won't force the children to go with their (mother or father)." I am frequently asked by my Family Law clients ... More

Boat Owners Meeting Report

Boat Owners Meeting – July 20, 2017 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Thursday evening 20th July saw around fifty Boat Owner, Life and Veteran members attend the Boat Owner Drinks and Nibbles in the Marina Bar at the RMYC PH. The evening was an informal opportunity for new and existing boat owners to; meet fellow boat owners, ... More

Round 6, The Ridge

Round 6 of the RMYC Port Hacking Golf Club was played at the Barden Ridge golf course.   At 6:45 am, before sunrise, thirty cold golfers huddled at The Ridge for Round 6. In chilly 8°C conditions with a bitter winters westerly blowing, “Bbbbrrrrrr “ …… was a common gggggrrrreeting among the assembling ... More

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

WMD Law The statement "good fences make good neighbours" is most often attributed to the poet Robert Frost. However a version of this proverb or statement exists in many different cultures and languages. We have seen a spate of neighbour disputes lately and I thought it was timely to outline some of the areas where ... More