Implementing new business ideas safely – establishing a business based on Intellectual Property

WMD Law When starting a new business or developing a business idea involving intellectual property it is vital to protect the products of your hard work and knowledge. The first step is to determine what needs protecting, and then to determine how best to protect it. Intellectual property is an important asset which is ... More

R.E.S.P.E.C.T the P.R.O.B.A.T.E

WMD Law Few people would be unaware that Aretha Franklin died recently and that fans the world over have mourned someone who was acclaimed as a master of her art. Unfortunately, something that Aretha did not master was proper estate planning. It has been widely reported that she did not leave a Will despite advice from ... More

Barden Ridge – Round 7

The Shire’s Barden Ridge Golf Course was the venue for Round 7 of the RMYCPH Golf Club. Tee-ing off in cold breezy conditions, it took the thirty hardy golfers few holes to warm-up. Once warmed-up the Stableford points flowed with 5 golfers handing cards with 36 points or better. John Stewart had a cracker round, ... More

It’s not just parents who can apply for parenting orders

WMD Law Mention the breakdown of a marriage where young children are involved and most people will have in mind the effect on children of separation from a parent and the distress that it can cause the parent who is not the day to day carer of the children. Less obvious is the effect of the marital breakdown on the ... More

St Michael’s Golf Club – Round 6

Twenty nine players contested Round 6 of the RMYC Port Hacking Golf Club played at the challenging St Michael’s course in chilly wintery conditions. The results on the day reflected the challenging conditions. Congratulations to a well deserved Individual Stableford winner, John Mason. Maso had a hot round scoring ... More

Underhanded Divorce Tactics

WMD Law Helping people to sort out their problems in a marriage breakdown can be very satisfying. Less satisfying is seeing people who were once apparently very much in love treating each other with deceit and at times deliberate cruelty. Some of the least commendable tactics used by warring couples are outlined below: ... More

Port Hacking Powerline Crossing Project

Ausgrid is planning to raise the height of the 11,000 volt powerlines that cross the Port Hacking River from Burraneer to Maianbar. This project involves the installation of new, taller poles on either side of the River as well as the replacement of the conductors that cross the river. How this work may impact you ... More

Bankstown Round 4 & Eastlake Round 5, 2018

A happy and colourful group of RMYC golfers had a weekend away at Catai playing the challenging Riverside Oaks courses. The results are now available for Rounds 4 & 5. At the halfway point in the 2018 RMYC Golf Club Championship the leaderboard is changing each round. With no dropped rounds, the current top ten ... More

Boat Ramp Etiquette

Do you know what is considered etiquette when launching or retrieving your boat? Brush up your knowledge with this handy Boat Ramp Etiquette guide from NSW Transport Maritime. Sometimes it’s just the little things that can make a massive difference. More

Lifejackets, winter and boat safety

A timely reminder from Botany Bay and Port Hacking Boating Education Officer, Adam Denyer. Well winter has well and truly arrived, with strong winds and high seas last weekend. During the colder months, if you are out fishing, keep a close eye on the weather and ensure your life jackets are rated to handle the extra ... More