Completed Events 2008
Audley Weekend
Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th November 2008
Tides Friday High: 0900hrs 1.70m - Saturday high: 1000hrs 1.70m - Sunday high: 1100hrs 1.7hrs
Yachts can arrive on the tide on Friday or Saturday, And leave on the tide on Sunday or Monday.
The park has advised that we must not tie up to live trees or the new sea wall, so we managed a Raft up of 11 boats attached to the old ferry wharf with many anchors out in all directions.
The main event the BBQ on Saturday night at Audley Weir due to rain.
This year my thanks to the following Trims for their contribution Paul from Morning Mist was there with Guitar and provided the excellent music.
Kevin and Jeni did a very funny skit.
Ken and Libby provided song sheets for the singing.
Margaret with the help of Barnacle Bill enlightened us with the origins of Christmas.
Yachts Attending (12): Chinook, L'attitude, Sweet Chariot, Morning Mist , Sweet Talker, Esprit, Konan, Possible Dream, Wind Dancer, Cooyong, Durham, Freewinds
Can't make it this time: Chasseur, Galatia-M, Discoverer, Third Man, Iron Maiden, Rhumb Line
CYCA Cruising helps take the mystery out of ….
Tuesday 25th November 7pm
Cruiser Racers From Twilights to Grand Prix
Information Seminar presented by Michael Spies and Julian Plante.

Join Michael Spies, the last Skipper to win the Rolex Sydney Hobart  in a production boat, for an informative night as he takes you through all the steps in optimising a standard yacht to Grand Prix level in a cost effective way,   including the tricks of the IRC Rule.

The presentation will be complemented by Sail maker Julian Plante, who will give expert advice on selecting, updating and improving your sail inventory as well as some invaluable trimming advice.
The evening is free and open to all members and guests.
To ensure adequate seating please register your attendance at CYCA Reception 8292 7800 or

Attended by:
John Barter, John Gettens, Greg Barter, Paul. Mike Wolf, Ken Teiffel, Peter Rochaix, Steve and Connie McManus, Ken Travers
Tuesday 14th October, 7pm to 8.30pm. 
Click here for flyer Practical and inexpensive ways to get your boat connected.
Using the K.I.S.S. principle...(Keep IT Simple Sailor)
Our presenters will demonstrate what you can do and provide cheat sheets to assist in getting you connected.
The evening will feature Email, Sat Phone, HF and Skype demonstrations.
The evening is free and open to all members and guests.
To ensure adequate seating please register your attendance at CYCA Reception 8292 7800 or
Yachts Interested: Chinook,
Long Weekend Broadwater Classic
Monday October 6th 2008
It's a while since we have had a Broadwater Classic.
We ran a race in the Broadwater from the 'Broadwater Yacht Club' and had a picnic BBQ etc after the race.
This was the first event in Summer time, so we will schedule the start for the first yacht to be 1200hrs.
The entry is a bottle of wine - bring your our food and drink.
Yacht Skipper Place
The Crow Jim Crowhurst 1
Chinook Peter Rochaix 2
L'attitude Lucien Sciascia 3
Sweet Chariot Keith Wilson 4
Morning Mist Paul Melling 5
Second Wind Don Parker 6
Sea Change Ian Colman 7
Sea Gypsy Bruce Monroe 8
The Duchess Andy Chilton 9
Pied Piper Tony Towndrow 10
Sweet Talker Kevin Everitt DNF
Reflections David Hammond DNF
Vive la Rive Russell Barnes DNF
Yachts Present (13 yachts): Sweet Talker, L'attitude, Sea Change, Chasseur (maybe), Chinook, The Crow, Sweet Chariot , Sea Gypsy, Morning Mist, Vive la Rive, Esprit, Second Wind, Pied Piper, Gooyong
Wildflowers Picnic
Sunday 21st September 2008
Winifred Falls this year
We will meet near the moorings at South west arm at around 1000 hrs where we can anchor the yachts or arrive in tenders and then at 1100 hrs proceed upriver towards Winifred Falls.
The flowers were excellent on our last two excursions; to Muddy creek last year and beyond the basin into Cabbage Tree Creek three years ago.
This will be another picnic that we should do in fine style, so be prepared for the judges and some prizes.

The Plan: We will anchor the yachts (or moor) at South West arm from 1000hrs.
I need everyone ready in their dinghies to leave the mooring area at 1100hrs.
We will proceed as a group to the head of navigation where we will set up the picnic area.
Those that wish to hike to Winifred Falls in search of Wildflowers or go in any other direction can do so.
There will be some that cannot do the hiking so they can enjoy the bush around the picnic area.
We will need to leave around 1500hrs.
Those that need to get back early should be back on their moorings by 1600hrs.
The remainder may like to raft up for the remainder of the afternoon or even stay overnight.
Don't forget your cameras.

For more on this event see past completed event for 2007 and 2005 or check the Cruising Guide to Port Hacking.
Please express your interest by return email (if you haven't already done so).

Yachts Interested (29+): Chinook (Peter and Lesley), L'attitude (John ,Margaret, Margi, Adam and Declan), Seeka (Elizabeth and Rick), Sweet Talker (Kevin and Jeni), Rhumb Line (Jim and Ginny), Sea Magic Bill and family, Vivre le Reve Russell and Jan Barnes, Sweet Chariot Keith and Lyn Wilson, Splinter Kevin Swadling and Crew, Konan John Wren and Crew, Esprit Tony Galwey and Crew, Reflections Dot and David Hammond, Imogen Gus and Marianne Gibson
Wattamolla Cruise (at SW ARM)
Sunday 17th August 2008
(Postponed due to forecast of 4m seas and strong winds) Sunday 24th August 2008 (Next and final date)
The cruise to Wattamolla is OFF unfortunately for this year due to the unfavourable conditions.
However, it will be calm and warm at South West arm. Lets raft up for lunch on board around 1200hrs.
 Thanks very much for organising another great day.
Very much appreciated by us all for all the work you do. Peter Rochaix

Good morning. A short note to thank you for the organisation yesterday.
It must have been trying to find weather suitable for Wattamolla.
I realised later that my email yesterday did not account for the swell (which ruled out the journey south).
Thanks again for all your efforts, Keith Wilson.

Yachts Attending(8); L'attitude, Sweet Talker, Discoverer, Sweet Chariot, Durham, Chinook, Gazelle, Second Wind
Can't make it this time;  Sirocco, Galatia-M, Possible Dream, Sea Hawk, Intermezzo, Sea Change, Rhumb Line, Morning Mist, Sea Magic, Splinter, The Duchess, Konan, Esprit, Sea Gypsy, Vivre le Reve
Whale Watch Queens Birthday Weekend
Saturday, June 21st 2008,
Postponed due to unfavourable weather forecast - has been scheduled for our next attempt.
Postponed due to likely gale warning and high seas - Whale Watch Saturday 5th July 2008.
Sunday 29th June was a perfect day and yachts took advantage of the conditions and travelled north with one of the many pods sighted that day.
Yachts out on Sunday included; Sweet talker, Possible Dream, Second Wind, Morning Mist, L'attitude, Splinter and dozens of others.
On Saturday 5th July we had slightly overcast conditions but mega sightings of whales.
Yachts for Whale Watch 7): L'attitude, Sweet Talker, Discoverer, Morning Mist, Possible Dream, Chinook, Euphoria
"Rhumb Line with signed crew of whalers arghh be well pleased to join the sojourn for the cetecea this sunday.
Harpoons are being fashioned in the forge into image taking devices as we speaketh!"
Regards, Aye,  The Luppo.

Yachts overnighting at SW Arm: L'attitude, Sweet Talker, Morning Mist, Possible Dream, Chinook, Discoverer
Cruise/Race Port Stevens
April 19th to April 27
This was a new event which was scheduled after the last summer race and before the winter Series.
It is also in the school holidays.
For details and results use the following link;

Port Stephens looks forward to welcoming all sailors, their family and friends to a new and exciting regatta in April, 2008.
It is hoped our proximity to Sydney and diverse program will enable a greater number of people to enjoy the fun and excitement of the complete regatta experience.
We believe our beautiful bays and offshore islands will provide ideal racecourses for all levels of sailors from the competitive elite to the most layback cruiser.
Our hospitality is genuine and we are excited about our wide-ranging social program and extensive list of leisure activities.
The resorts, clubs and tour operators have come together to plan a social program that will showcase the best the area has to offer.
The evening functions will include exclusive cocktail parties, the compulsory mega beach party and unique locations for sunset drinks.
The days will be packed with lunch cruises to watch the racing, wine makers lunches, celebrity chefs and fashion parades.
For the more adventurous there is sandboarding, horse riding, paraflying or jetboats.
For those on a chill out program there are top class day spas and deserted beaches.

An excellent regatta that should get better an better each year.
Our thanks to Paul O'Rourke and Jody for their persistence in bringing it together.
The crew of L'attitude.
Anzac Day (Cancelled due to poor response)
Friday, April 25 2008
I will be away for ANZAC day (at Port Stevens above)
Tony Galwey has offered his home for ANZAC biscuits and bully beef lunch after a Broadwater Classic type race in Gunnamatta Bay.
I will need mark layers and an organiser.
Please advise your interest?
Boats Interested (1): Durham, Jelly Beans
Can't make it this time: Peter Gray
Easter Cruise to Frenchman's Bay
Sunday March 23 and return March 24
Paul and Cheryl (Melling) co-ordinated the sail to Botany Bay on Sunday for lunch Fish Café at Frenchman's bay.
The overnight stay moved to Woolaware Bay due to insufficient water to get into the Towra anchorage.

Easter cruise for log Sunday:
Met at Jibbon around 11am, sailed to Botany Bay in light S/E
Great late lunch for ten at the Boatshed beachside restaurant.
Second Wind - Don and Elizabeth, Morning Mist - Paul and Cheryl, Durham - Alistair and Allison, Esprit - Tony and Elizabeth, Sweet Talker - Kevin and Jeni.
Sailed around to Towra around 5pm, too many power boats jet skis and too shallow, so went to Woolooware Bay for a quiet night and get together and QLD. on Esprit.
We parked near the good ship Woronora, which is the large yacht which was a landmark for 10 to 20 years near the bridge at Woronora.
They said they may take it for its first sail on Monday as we left. ( See Pic. ).
After late start Sweet Talker sailed to Brighton ( about 4.5 metres depth 50 metres off the baths ) then did some plane spotting near the end of the N/S runway.
Left in light N/E met up with the Sea Changes on the run across Bate Bay, anchored at Bundeena beach N/E wind was then up, so went to SW arm for the night. Was nearly empty, three cruising sail yachts came in around 4pm. The only rain was during each night.
Kevin Ev.

Yachts attending (5): Morning Mist, Sweet Talker, Second Wind, Durham and Esprit
Cruising Group Meeting
Tuesday, 18th March 2008
We met at the RMYC bar at 6:30 for drinks and started the meeting at 7:00 in the lower bar.
The meeting finished at 8:10, and we continue the discussion over dinner from the bistro.
Our special speakers were Carlita and her partner Ian followed by Paul on behalf of Jo who was ill.
During the period of October 2001 - February 2002, Carlita Whittaker was part of the crew of the Antarctica expedition vessel Sir Hubert Wilkins. “Huey” a 1A ice class vessel at 36.7 m and 600 tonne started her life as the Finnish presidential yacht with a history of Russian and American presidents holding conferences on board.
Huey was the flag ship of Ocean Frontiers owned by Australian adventures Don and Margie McIntyre.
The expedition was to Boat Harbour and the McKellar Islands in Commonwealth Bay.
Aims of the Expedition
1. Australian Antarctic Division had requested that Gadget Hut was to be returned to Hobart.
2. Mawson Foundation requested an inspection of “The Hut”
3. Locating the Aurora’s anchors using a magnetometer
4. Ground truthing satellite imaging
5. Testing solar panels for Dick Smith
6. Making the Simon Nash film on Hurley (Scott, Mawson and Shackelton - photographer)
Our expedition then took up along the ice coast to Port Martin the disbandonded French station, and then to Dumont D’urville the current French station.
The expedition then turned north and headed for Macquarie Island to pick up the mail and returned to Hobart.
Paul continued the excellent talk on Jo and his experiences to another part of Antarctica.

Attended by (29): Kevin and Jeni Everitt, John and Margaret Barter, Jim and Ginny Lupton, Ian and Rhonda Colman, Elaine and Kevin Oldfield, Kevin Swadling, Bob and Lynne McDonald (Trim flag), Paul and Cheryl Melling, Toni and Gordon Stewart, Russell and Christine Bain, Alan and Joy Deeley, Ro and John Weidemier, Sue and Bruce Monroe, Ken Travers, Scott and Kim Toolin
Australia Day - Broadwater Classic
Saturday 26th January 2008
A Broadwater Classic fun race commencing at Noon followed by a BBQ/Picnic at the Broadwater Yacht Club
Of course we will only be partaking of genuine Australia food.
The theme will be Australia with the audience participating with the readings of your favourite Australian poems, Stories or songs......

2008 Australia Day public holiday
 In 2008 Australia Day events and celebrations will be held on Saturday 26 January.
The public holiday will be on Monday 28 January.
In 1994, all the states and territories endorsed the celebration of Australia Day on the actual day instead of the closest Monday.
United Australia Day celebrations have been held on 26 January ever since.
See History of Australia Day for more information. See History of Australia Day for more information.
Yachts Name Class Skipper and Crew Placing
Chinook Duncanson 37 Peter Rochaix 1
Morning Mist Beneteau 39 Paul Melling 2
Emmanuel Mauritius 43 Jon and Susie Bown 3
Second Wind Cole 35 Don and Elizabeth Parker 4
Carpe Diem Northshore34 Roger and Janice Phair 5
Sirocco Peterson 30 John Weidemier 6
Sweet Talker Bavaria 38 Kevin and Jeni Everitt 7
The Duchess Beneteau 39 Andy and Marquerite Chilton 8
Third Man Olympic 40 Kevin and Elaine Oldfield 9
L’attitude Dehler 41 DS John & Margaret Barter 10
  Click left picture for slideshow by Angus - Click right picture for slideshow by Weids
Your comments and summary please
I have now added the captions to the Australia Day photos.
As you will see I didn't know everyone's names so some are untitled.
If anyone would like to assist I will fix it.
I thought Gus's Pics were terrific and his on water shots really great !
Thanks again for a great day. John and Rosemary.

What a great Day, probably the BEST yet.
Some excellent poems especially the rendition of "The Man from Snowy River" and a great performance from the "Roving Musicians".
The burning gum leaves certainly added to the atmosphere and was a great fly and mosquito repellent.
Of course how could a day like this possibly fail when we are privileged to share the wonderful ambience of John and Margaret Barters waterfront property and to live in such a wonderful country as Australia, Ken and Libby

The Master, Sincere apologise for no show.
We gathered early at my place to rehearse our contribution. "God bless our land of liberty, Australia's Response" a musical rendition celebrating the signing of the Versailles Treaty 28/6/1919.
This well known piece was researched by Joan Vaughan sung by children on Empire Day Needless to say she was devastated that we did not perform.
Unfortunately one of our crew arrived late and by then we were imprisoned by the constabulary looking for DUI folk.
I suggested we walk which was not accepted.
Regards Geoff. (Apologies accepted with the rendition at the next event. (The Master)

Thank you for what once again turned out to be a great event.
I have my brother over from Holland and he thoroughly enjoyed the day.
We were with the Pied Piper/Sail-La-Vie group.
Regards, Leo Delissen

John and Margaret A small, heartfelt thankyou (albeit late) to you both for another wonderful day last Saturday. Your organisation and generosity are indeed inspiring and truly display the Aussie spirit in all its good aspects, thank you again.
Keith and Lyn (Wilson)
New Year Cruise - Between Port Hacking and Jervis Bay
Time period somewhere between Boxing Day 2007 and returning around 15th January 2008

What we do will depend on the weather and each yachts individual plans
For this reason I won't set definite starting times or destinations.
The possible destinations between here and Jervis Bay are Wollongong, Kiama and Greenwell point.
They could be stops going down or coming back (subject to weather and time).
Each yacht needs to be prepared to go alone and make their our decisions.
I have maps Jervis Bay showing the various usage which I will distribute in due course (courtesy of Splinter)

From Sail la Vie (0418 674 416)
Spoke to Paul Melling. He is the only one at JB and will be heading home Thursday with the forecast SE wind.
We had planned to start down tomorrow possibly late morning after shopping and provisioning the boat.
Hence, Lyn and I will now probably just go up to SW Arm and/or Audley for a few days, at least I can be home Monday so Graham McAlpine can finish the repairs to my boat (from the storm damage last June).
Maybe you and Margaret can get away for a few hours to join us for a drink and maybe also a meal??? Keith Wilson

From L'attitude (0418 253 479)
We did see Greg off in Witchdoctor on boxing day and then returned to port.
Had a good day. However, we have been overcome by events outside our control that we seem to be the the solution to.; Delivering family to airports, drop-offs to CYCA, dog minding, grandson minding (2), pickups from airports etc.
Although the conditions have been perfect (and still are) we probably can't go south.
We may be able to sneak a run to the harbour for the fireworks but then need to deliver grandsons back and continue the dog minding service?
We will be heading to the Harbours on Boxing day to see our son (Greg) off to Hobart on Witchdoctor.
We will probably stay up there for a few days. Returning to the Port on the first North Easter around 28th December.
We will then wait for the right weather to head south a few days latter.
The destination may be Kiama with the possibility of going on the Greenwell point if conditions unsuitable at Kiama (2 days? depending on weather). We need to be back in Sydney by the 13th Jan. So we will be returning on the first suitable conditions from the 9th January with an alternate stopover. Greenwell point could be a good rendezvous point as well as Jervis Bay for the cruising group.
We will be in touch on VHF or phone. John and Margaret Barter

From Peter V, (0407 100 768)
When we were at Jervis last holidays there were some overnight public moorings at Hole in the Wall (aprox 5), 2 at the entrance to Huskisson and two at Callala Bay.
There were some commercial dive boat moorings just in behind the island that we used one morning to dive from but were warned by national parks just to be careful if a dive boat approached.
Anchoring is restricted in a lot of areas throughout the bay, especially the ones we wanted to scuba dive at to protected the sea grass beds. 
We have a copy of this map and could photo copy for those intending to go if they do not already have a copy.
Choice of spot over night is important as the low shores do not provide much in the way of protection and if the wind swings to a lee shore it gets quite rough quite quick. 
Those intending to go need to be aware of the approaches into the bay. We found it easiest to clear to the south of the centre reef and stuck close to the island before settling for the first night at Hole in the Wall.
On the last night we also stayed here and woke up to a mother humpback and her calf asleep on the surface 100m away from us. (should have attached those pics here but camera is back on boat).
As for our plans after Christmas, Kylie has never seen the fireworks in Sydney live so we plan to go up to the Broken Bay on boxing day then back down to the harbour on the 30th of December.
On the 1st of Jan we then plan to head back down the coast to Jervis Bay weather permitting.
After about a week in Jervis we then continue slowly on down the coast to Eden to await a weather window to cross Bass Strait to join RYCT's Flinders Island cruise.
We will then remain in Tasmania until late March before heading across to New Zealand and then out into the South Pacific.
We will send you our cruising card with our Sail mail address and travelling email address as soon as they are printed.  Peter and Kylie, Jura

From Third Man (0418 966 347)
Change of plans! opportunity to place mother in aged care facility has delayed our departure.
Elaine and I will leave Port Hacking 5th of Jan to either go up to the harbour or head south depending on weather.
We have to be back by 12th or 13th of Jan. Cheers and fair sailing, Kevin and Elaine
Elaine and I plan to leave Port Hacking (subject to weather) 28th Dec to 31st of Dec, will over night in Wollongong or Kiama.
Will return on the first favourable weather after the 10th of January 2008.
We also plan to call into Greenwell point at some stage.
We would also like to venture up the Shoalhaven River but are uncertain of the clearance under the cables at Berrys Canal Vehicular Ferry.
Does any one know? Third Man mast height is 54 feet.
As with cruising the plan is flexible. We look forward to catching up with other members of the cruising division. Our mobile phone on board is 0419 440 552 Kevin and Elaine

From Splinter (0429 904 523)
All I can say (what a shit of day), we were going out to-day to have a swim with the kids and clean the bottom of Splinter for the run down the coast and then drama struck. I was coming into the Marina and somehow the gearbox or the contols (not know at this stage) stuck in forward and I have taken out the Pulpit on Splinter no Structual thank god and did not hit any other boats.
The gearbox is still stuck in forward and will sort that out after Christmas "However", I am now a shakey starter for Jervis Bay and we were all geared up for it. Will see if I can find a machanic after Boxing Day.
We have been looking forward to this but things just happen.
Will advise as after boxing day. cheers, ( a very disappointed "Splinter")
Daniel and I are considering leaving Port Hacking 1st or 2nd Jan Weather depending.
Stop over Wollongong, then weather depending straight through to JB or drop off Greenwell Point. Kev "the 3rd Man" suggestion re a run up the Shoalhaven River sounds good if we could all be there and could get through would be fantastic.
I would like to return sometime after 7/10th. Must be back the 13th. Again dependant on the weather.
I love the saying "Cruisers don't go the windward". We have in mind in JB, swimming, snorkelling, fishing, walking, talking, drinking and just having a great time. Just hope the dolphins are around.
Cheers, "Splinter"

From Paul Melling (0427 924 156)
Morning Mist is planning to leave the Port on the 28th mid morning and heading to the Gong, stay over night and supply with sea food.
We then plan to leave for JB at 9 am 29th, the weather looks favourable both days. We will monitor ch 16 or my mob no. for anyone who wants to passage with us. Regards Paul

There is info on mooring and anchoring in JBMP on the MPA website at
There are some small boat moorings (vessels over5m, over2t in over20K) over at Bindijine, near Honeymoon Bay, mainly used by campers there.
There are 3 large vessel moorings (over20m, over20t in over20K) two out the front of Huskisson and one at Callala Bay.
Anchoring is not allowed in the sanctuary zone out the front of Husky, other than within a 'designated anchoring area' within 200m of the beach.
Anchoring is allowed at Callala Bay. The moorings all have a 24hr time limit.
Anchoring is generally prohibited within sanctuary zones within Jervis Bay itself (the red zones on the zoning map), though there are a couple of 'designated anchoring areas' within SZ's to allow limited anchoring.
The most popular anchorages are the northern end of Longbeach-Cabbage Tree Pt, in the NE of the bay, and Hole-in-the-Wall in the southern end of the bay. The Longbeach/Cabbage Tree anchorage is a 'designated anchoring area' within the Hare Bay sanctuary zone where anchoring is otherwise prohibited to protect seagrass.
Hole-in-the-Wall is actually in the marine part of Booderee National Park (Cwlth) and there are 5-6 public moorings there for large vessels.
Anchoring is not permitted in less than 10m water depth in Booderee NP to protect seagrass.
If you have any more queries let me know. Cheers, Fran Clements Ranger Jervis Bay Marine Park Marine Parks Authority NSW

From Sweet Talker (0408 793 003)
Plans uncertain - may be going south around the 30th December or may be going north? (no email updates)
I will act as the co-ordinator - so e-mail me your ideas/plans/time scales and I will attempt to bring it together with the Interested Boats (below)

Boats Interested (10); Short Shipped?, L'attitude John and Margaret, Sail la Vie Keith and Lyndal Wilson, Gazelle Mike and Susanna Wolf, Third Man Kevin and Elaine Oldfield, Sweet Talker Kevin and Jeni Everitt, Chasseur Peter and Jacqui (Maybe), Splinter Kevin and Daniel Swadling Can't make it this time; Jura Peter and Kylie V,